SNAP checks for 2 members worth $535 are arriving this week, are you eligible for food stamps?

Many countries ship I click benefits this week. Despite the fact that some send Food stamps in one payment day, other countries send them in weeks. The 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia have identical maximum amounts.

Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Guam ship I click larger payments. This is because of inflation. Because it's higher in those places, they have to give more to food stamp recipients money.

It was last October 1, 2023, when everyone I click recipients received an increase in their monthly food stamp payments. So if you've just joined the program, you should know that you're already getting a COLA boost.


States like Alabama, Delaware, Florida and Georgia are sending payments this week. See below for the full list and exact dates for I click benefits in January 2024.

SNAP benefits allow recipients to eat healthy while saving money using food stamps

The way each country organizes payments is different. For example, if you live in Alabama and your case number ends in 60-64, your benefits arrive on January 16, 2024.

To receive I click Benefits on January 17th in Alabama your case number must end in 65-69. Following the same pattern, the last food stamp check will be due on January 23 if your case number ends in 95-99. See possible payment days below.

Alabama: January 4 to 23
Delaware: January 2 to 23
Florida: January 1 to 28
Georgia: January 5 to 23
Indiana: January 5 to 23
Kentucky: January 1-19
Louisiana: January 1 to 23
Maryland: January 4 to 23
Michigan: January 3rd to 21st
Mississippi: January 4 to 21
Missouri: January 1 to 22
New Mexico: January 1 to 20
North Carolina: January 3-21
Ohio: January 2 to 20
Tennessee: January 1 to 20
Texas: January 1 to 28
Washington: January 1 to 20


According to the United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Nutrition Service, the largest payment for 2 I click beneficiaries is 535 dollars. However, not everyone qualifies for the biggest payout.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says that on average I click payments for 2024 are approx $372 if you are 2 people. Obviously, the lower your income, the higher your payment can be.

If you are three members, the largest Payment of food stamps is $766. The average amount is only $598 although. As you can see, there is an important difference between 2 and 3 beneficiaries.

Remember that if you are aged 18-52, have no children and can work, you can only get SNAP benefits for 3 months within 3 years. Because of the time limit for able-bodied adults without dependents, you must work 80 hours a month to continue receiving them longer.

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