Simple tricks that will change your adult life forever

Our adult lives are sometimes very complicated and we usually strive for anything that will make it less difficult. Here are a few brilliant tricks that tackle common problems you didn’t know could be solved. As adults, some of the things we do every day are quite unpleasant and annoy us.

We have no idea that there are some simple life tricks that can help us live comfortably. These 20 great senior living tricks we’ve put together for you will help make your daily life easier.

20. The Hair Straightener Hack

Sometimes it is difficult to iron some inaccessible parts of clothes. For this reason, you can use a hair straightener. So you can successfully use it to press collars, corners of shirts and buttons. This can be useful if you are in a hurry and do not have time to iron the shirt again. It will save you time and is very convenient.

19. Chill Your Wine Using Frozen Grapes

Don’t try to put a whole bottle of wine in the ice chest to chill it if you can’t stand to dilute a glass with a chunk of crystal ice. Put in a few chilled grapes and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have frozen grapes on hand, other frozen or cooled fruits such as cherries, berries, etc. can also be very helpful. This is a very useful hack if you have a hectic life.

18. Open Stuck Lid Hack

You’ve probably heard of different methods of opening a jammed container lid. One of the most remarkable and effective techniques is opening the lid with adhesive tape. However, if you don’t have duct tape on hand, you can do the following.

Try pouring hot water over the lid for a while, then wipe it off and open it. You can also achieve a similar effect by immersing the lid in boiling water.

17. The Memory Hack For Adults

How many times have you borrowed a book or device from a companion and later found it difficult to return it because the memory has faded. A lot of time has passed and they no longer remember getting anything from you.

To preserve the memory for future contacts with them, take a picture of your companion holding the item you purchased. This is an ideal hack for adults because in our very busy lives we often suffer from situations like this. This will help you keep that memory.

16. Know If Eggs Are Fresh Or Not

Never throw away edible eggs just because you have no idea how long they have been there. Just put your eggs in a bowl of water and watch how they behave. Fresh eggs lie on the bottom and on their sides.

Eggs older than 7 days will stay on the rim at the bottom of the bowl. Stale eggs, which are a bit older, lie on the bottom of the shell with their adapted caps on the surface. Very old eggs slide on the water surface.

15. Save Money On Toothpaste

Don’t misuse any squeeze of toothpaste once you learn this hack. If your cylinder is not full and you try to squeeze out the toothpaste, push the end of the cylinder up and secure the displaced portion with a hair clip as indicated.

You can move the wand along the length of the cylinder to reach the toothpaste to its opening. This doesn’t seem like a great adult lifestyle, but it saves a lot of money.

14. Dry Your Washed Clothes Faster

In case you have washed the clothes and the dryer does not work. If you need to dry your clothes quickly, you can solve these problems with this hack.

Put the washed clothes in a dry towel. Roll up the towel with the clothes inside. Lift it up and roll it as tightly as possible to squeeze out the excess water. Once the excess water has been drained, you can hang the garment on a hanger to dry completely.

13. Found Lost Wallet Hack

The Postal Service renews any entry permit or identification card issued by the country on which the location is noted. Simply drop it in a mailbox near you with no envelope or postage required.

In any case, the person on the other side must pay the postage to receive it. This procedure is also applicable for wallets, but you should first check with the nearest police station to see if anyone has lost it in detail.

12. Smelly Shoes Life Hack

One thing that always bothers us is smelly shoes. New shoes that smell are as uncomfortable as it gets. This lifesaver for adults is very useful in everyday life, but especially in the summer.

You can avoid the unpleasant smell of shoes by simply putting a few tea bags in them. They will absorb the unpleasant smell and you can go back to normal use. If your shoes are also wet, you can fill them with baking soda and rice.

11. Flashlight Lantern Hack

From a water bottle and a cell phone flashlight, you can make an extremely interesting and valuable flashlight.

Use the cell phone flashlight under the water bottle to create a light that produces a better beam compared to a regular flashlight. This is a very cool and useful adult life hack that can be used when you are on a trip or stuck somewhere.

10. The Band-Aid Hack

You may be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of trying to stick a band-aid on the tip of your finger. When you accidentally cut the tip of your finger, it’s pretty uncomfortable, but you can’t use a cast because it won’t stay in place.

You can solve this problem by shortening the plaster to half its length. It can then be put on the tip of the finger and it won’t slip out of place. This hack will help you in everyday life.

9. The Battery Test

With this cheat sheet, you can check whether the batteries are in good or bad condition. For this test you need to drop the battery on a table a few centimeters long. If they bounce a little on the table and then fall straight down, then the battery is in good condition.

However, if they bounce several times, it is bad or damaged. This hack is very interesting because it evaluates battery life.

8. Hack For New Tight Shoes

When you buy a new pair of shoes, it often happens that they fit your size, but are very tight when you wear them. This is a situation that you will face almost every day, but this helpful hack will help you overcome it.

For this, you will need old pieces of newspaper. Wet them with water and stuff them into your shoes as much as possible. Then let them dry. When they are dry, you are ready to go.

7. Get Your Broken Key Back

Remove the broken key from the lock by applying strong glue to the piece of key you are holding, and then connect it to the broken piece of key that is wedged in the lock.

Finally, you will get your broken key back that was wedged in the lock. It is a great relief to get into such a situation while in a hurry.

6. Airport Luggage Hack

If your luggage is lost or damaged by the airline, this hack will make it easier for the authorities to distinguish your luggage or help you prove that the damage was not present before you boarded the plane.

Don’t forget to take photos of all the luggage you take on your flight. This adult-sized lifesaver is very handy if you travel a lot, and will make sure your luggage gets back to you.

5. Mark Your Water Bottle

We offer you an exclusive way to monitor your daily water consumption. Simply draw lines on your water bottle with a marker or pen and mark the time to the controlled level.

These marks on the water bottle serve as a visual reminder that you should be drinking water and allow you to track your daily water consumption. This helps you keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

4. Spontaneous Alarm Clock

Because the loudest mobile phone in the world isn’t loud enough to wake you up in the morning. To avoid staying awake for too long, set an alarm on your mobile phone and place it in a plastic container.

The sound will be more intense and it will be a little harder to press the button and turn the alarm on or off. This adult-friendly trick is very useful when you have a meeting or presentation in the morning.

3. Spaghetti To Light Hard-to-Reach Candle

When you can no longer reach the wick of flame, which has flared up, light the last piece of spaghetti. At this point, you will be able to effortlessly transfer the fire to the wick without having to waste your hand on an inverted lighter or matches.

This may seem like an unaffordable hack, but trust me, when you have trouble reaching a half-burned candle, it will be worth so much more.

2. Towel Racks Keep Your Pot Lids Tidy

If retracting pot lids is not possible, you can prevent losing your mind every time you open the kitchen pantry, with this towel rack.

Simply mount a few shelves on the cabinet doors to secure the tops and keep them folded. It’s a great kitchen helper when pot lids get dirty without use and you need to wash them before using them.

1. Hack For An Interview

People who have had a long day at work remember the first and last thing that happened that day, and the rest remains a blur. When you make an appointment for an interview, always insist that the interview be at the beginning or end.

This hack is very useful for adults because whenever you go for an interview, it will help you a lot. The recruiter will always remember the first person they interview and also the last person.

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