Seniors and people with disabilities who qualify can get $1,857 in December, payment dates here

The Supplemental Security Income The program will soon start sending a payment to those eligible beneficiaries. Note that all SSI checks are for those who have been approved and filed.

In fact, there are thousands Americans in any city that qualifies SSI payments and never applied for them. So, three are two important dates to keep in December.

Because on those two dates your monthly checks will arrive. Although the first check was in December, the second was supposed to arrive on January 1st.

When will SSI recipients get paid in December?

If you are on supplementary insurance income, you will receive up to $914 on December 1. This amount may be less if you are an important person. In this case, you might only get about $458. However, this will not be their last check.

SSI recipients can receive up to $1,857 in December 2023 and will have 2 payments, the first payment on December 1
SSI recipients can receive up to $1,857 in December 2023 and will have 2 payments

However, if you are a married couple and both are eligible for SSI, your check can be worth up to $1,371. This payday will bring a smaller check than the second payday for SSI beneficiaries.

Once you collect your first SSI payment on December 1styou can expect another one on December 29. Fortunately, this group of low-income beneficiaries will receive a COLA increase before other Social Security beneficiaries.

The reason you’ll get another check in December is because of a holiday. New Year’s can’t be payday, so your January check will be in your pocket a few days before you get it.

How much can SSI recipients receive on December 29?

If you qualify for the largest amount in 2024, you can receive $943 on December 29. Therefore, if you received $913 on December 1st and $943 on December 29th, you will receive a total payment from $1,857 in December 2023.

VIPs will receive up to $472 on December 29th. Therefore, all recipients will benefit from a 3.2% COLA increase. It is not possible to match the 2023 COLA increase.

This is the highest level in 40 years since it reached 8.7%. Remember, eligible married couples will still get more money than their SSI payments in December. In fact, they will receive up to $2,786. Remember that in 2024 there will be more months in which you can get advanced payment.

This is important to plan your monthly budget and make sure you only spend what you agreed to. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, apply for I click, the former food stamp program. This will allow you to save more money on the food you buy and you can spend it on other things like electricity or gas.

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