Seniors 65 or older who receive SSI and Social Security should check for new pay days in February

If you are 65 or older and SSI and social security payments, you need to keep up with the payment days. It was last December 29 when the administration sent the last one Supplemental Security Income in USA.

Therefore, you may not have much money left until now if you've been caught up in your Christmas shopping. Obtaining SSI check three days in advance and not getting it on January 1st may have some positives but also some negatives.

When you're living on a tight budget, 3 days can mean everything to you. So let's take a look at the new salaries for February and the possible amounts for SSI beneficiaries.


The Social Security Administration has announced the February dates for Supplemental Security Income payments. Supplemental Security Income recipients can receive their monthly payments on February 1.

Plan your budget and stick to it, as this will allow you to stretch your SSI and Social Security payments

Therefore it will not arrive on the 29th like the payment from last December. What's more, a lot SSI beneficiaries receive social security at the same time. They usually receive Supplemental Security Income on the first of the month and Social Security on the 3rd.

This month, however, they will get theirs Social security on February 2. February 3 is not a working day. Banks and financial institutions may be closed on February 3.

Therefore, the Social Security Administration always sends SSI or social security payments on working days. This is especially important if you have a loan or mortgage to pay. Knowing you'll get your money up front is a relief if you miss a payment.


Note that the amount of your SSI the payment may not be the same as what other beneficiaries receive. This is because Social Security can reduce the amount of your payment if you have other income.

Of course, SSI is only for low income people. Therefore, you must have little or no money in your bank account and low income. The average Supplemental Security Income payment was about $674 as of December 2023.

People under 18 can get about $793 from SSI. Those who are 18-64 years old can receive an average of about $718. If you're 65 or older, you can get about $522.29 if you get Supplemental Security Income.

Some Supplemental Security Income recipients may be eligible for Social Security. If that's your case, your Social Security payments could be less than the average $1,907 check in 2024.

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