Review your eligibility before your December 1 SSI payment. The government can refuse it

Not everyone can collect supplementary insurance income (SSI). In truth, there is a long list of requirements to be eligible for these monthly payments in USA.

For example, to cash out SSI you must be in one of the following situations. A person who is over 65 years of age, a person who is blind or a person with a disability. If your disability is not permanent, you may lose your benefits when it goes away.

That’s why it’s vitally important to tell the Social Security Administration about any important changes in your life or condition. Sometimes you may still be entitled to SSI but you get too much moneyso this is an overpayment.

What might make me ineligible for SSI?

Before the December 1 payment and before your Supplemental Security Income check arrives, make sure you still qualify. Well, if you go to jail or prison and stay there for more than 30 days, you will lose yours Supplemental Security Income payments.

Make sure you still meet all the requirements to continue receiving SSI payments from Social Security
Make sure you still meet all the requirements to continue receiving SSI payments from Social Security

It is true that you can reapply after providing proof of social security for exemption. Another option is to give away resources so Social Security can’t count them. When you reduce your resources by giving them away, you may be ineligible for up to 36 months.

Moreover, some people may leave the United States and be gone for too long. This is another way to lose your Supplemental Security Income. This is especially important if you have been abroad for more than 30 consecutive days. If you don’t return, you will lose yours SSI checks.

Non-citizens should also be careful. Especially if you don’t qualify for non-citizen status. Sometimes you lose your status as an eligible noncitizen, so you can no longer collect SSI payments.

Can I lose SSI if I get married?

Undoubtedly, those citizens whose marital status has changed must report this to the social security. This may mean that your income and resources may not be the same. If your financial situation improves after you get married, you may not qualify.

Overpayments are another option after a wedding. Other reasons for an overpayment are the fact that you do not provide Social Security with accurate or sufficient information.

In other cases, your living situation may change and you may no longer qualify for Supplemental Security Income. Those who do not inform Social Security may have to pay back money they are not entitled to.

Although it is unlikely, the administration can calculate the size of your SSI payments incorrectly. This may be because you have provided them with incomplete information. So double-check your application before submitting it to avoid costly mistakes.

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