Reasons Social Security Isn’t Sending Your Retirement Check

The Social Security Administration sends 5 monthly payments to different groups of eligible Americans. There are about 71 million beneficiaries in 2023, so there may be delays at times.

Today, there are millions of Americans who rely on Social security retirement benefits to make ends meet. Despite the fact that the program is designed to supplement your savings accounts and investments, it becomes essential.

In general, most Social security payments are on time. So you should not worry because it is unlikely that the Administration has not sent your monthly payment and all your money.

Why can’t Social Security send my retirement check?

The only reason why Social security may not send yours checking is due to the fact that you have been in prison for more than 30 consecutive days. If this is the case, the administration will not send your check until you leave the prison.

Social Security and payments that don't reach your bank account
Social Security and payments that don’t reach your bank account

You will then need to provide them with proof of exemption. Sometimes the jail, prison, or correctional facility has an agreement with the SSA and can send them automatic proof of release.

Don’t worry if your spouse or children are receiving benefits on your record. As long as they are eligible, they will continue to collect monthly benefits while you are incarcerated.

In addition, there may be overpayments. Then, Social security may withhold your portion of your payments. But it won’t be the full amount of your retirement checks.

What if my Social Security check is late?

It is very unusual for a retirement check not to be on time. The administration recommends contacting your bank as soon as you think your payment is late. Financial institutions may experience delays in processing payments in certain cases.

If they haven’t posted your payment on time, they’ll let you know the problem they’ve had. That way, you can know the day your retirement check will be in your pocket.

Since there are approximately 71 million beneficiaries in 2023, it is possible that there may be an error or delay. If you need to report a missing payment to Social Security, you can do so.

There are so many scammers out there that your payment could be stolen. Call SSA toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). Another option is to visit your local office. This way, they will review your case and replace it if necessary. Apply for Social Security and receive monthly payments if you’re 62!

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