pensioners over 67 will receive this amount in January

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will soon begin making some changes to the amount of benefits. Although it is possible to calculate the new amounts if you already have a pension advantagethere are also new maximum amounts.

For your information, there will be an increase this year. Generally, there is an increase because inflation is rising. However, Social security payments may remain the same if there is no inflation.

Pensioners who they are 67 years old they may be anxious to learn their new maximum amounts in 2024. It’s important to plan your finances in advance, so knowing the approximate amounts will help you make ends meet. Social security has revealed the new COLA increase for 2024 and these are the numbers.


The work is in Social Security Administration sends different amounts to each worker. Therefore, there can be as many different amounts as there are retirees, because not all of them worked the same number of years or had the same income.

Retirees will get an extra 3.2% in their monthly payments in 2024, the Social Security Administration says
Retirees to get 3.2% extra in 2024 in their monthly Social Security Administration payments

Let’s give some examples to see some possible amounts depending on your income. You will then see the new highs and average payments.

For example, if you earn $1,000 as a retiree, you will receive $1,032. Those whose payment from Social security is only $500 you will get $516. The smaller your payment, the smaller the increase appears, and vice versa.

Social security may pay higher amounts. For example, if you earn $2,000, your new check in 2024 will be $2,064. Even some seniors at age 67 can get $3,000 or even more. In their case, their new payment will be $3,096.


The new maximum amount for a pensioner that is 67 years would be $3,822, from $3627. However, very few retirees can get that big Social security payment . This is because they must have earned the taxable maximum over 35 years and retire at full pension age.

The taxable maximum is quite high money and SSA continues to increase every year. For example, if you earn the taxable maximum in 2023, you earn $160,200. It will soon be $168,600 in 2024.

Apart from the maximum amount at Full retirement ageseniors can get up to $4,555 in 2023 or 4873 dollars in 2024. The thing is, you have to retire at age 70 to get that amount, in addition to having earned the taxable maximum for 35 years.

The last piece of information is the average salary for all pensioners. Social security expects the average pension payment to be $1,907 in 2024, so it would be $59 higher than now.

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