Pensioners over 67 will receive another increase in their pension benefits in 2024.

The Social Security Administration is about to increase the amount of yours retirement benefits. Pensioners aged 67 and the older ones will soon be able to enjoy their new ones payment amounts.

Year after year, Social security trying to update payment amounts. That way, seniors don’t lose their purchasing power as inflation rises. retirement it can be expensive because there can be a lot of medical expenses, so this boost is essential.

The cost of living adjustment (COLA) may be higher or lower and depends on inflation. Sometimes there may even be a reduction after the COLA. This recently happened in Hawaii with SNAP benefits. Recipients get less money after the 2024 COLA, thankfully, pensioners will get a raise soon.


The amount of your payment will depend on your previous earnings, work history and retirement age. But if you get a $1,500 payment in 2023, it will become $1,548 in 2024. That’s a 3.2% increase. But how much was it in 2023?

Retirees are looking forward to receiving the increase in their pension benefits
Retirees are looking forward to receiving the increase in their pension benefits

Yes, you were right. 2023 CAR the increase was much higher, 8.7%. Therefore, there is a difference of 5.5%. It’s definitely a huge difference when you’re living on a budget.

However, Social Security has increased benefits more than in other COLAs. Average COLAs are around 2%. So you can enjoy a higher-than-average COLA increase if you receive one retirement Benefits.

The average retirement benefits after the COLA increase in 2024, it will be $1,907, down from $1,848. Most of them Social security beneficiaries will get an average increase of $50, but retirees will get $59. The biggest check will be $4,873, $3,822 at full retirement age or $2,710 at age 62 in 2024.


Some retirees may also receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Those in retirement collecting SSI payments will get a COLA boost on Dec. 29, but for SSI, not Social Security.

SSI recipients will get 3.2% extra because their January payment will be sent on December 29th. Since their payday is a holiday, SSA has scheduled it for that date and three days in advance.

The Social Security Administration claims that the next retirement checkups for those seniors age 67 or older will be January 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th. Check your eligibility below. Don’t forget that you need to apply for Social Security. Plan it ahead and file for benefits when you’re ready.

  • Social Security retirees before May 1997: Payday January 3, 2024.
  • pensioners whose birthday is from 1 to 10: payday January 10, 2024
  • pensioners whose birthday is from 11-20: payday January 17, 2024
  • pensioners whose birthday is from 21-31: payday January 24, 2024

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