Pensioner payment worth $1849 arrives on 20th December, check your eligibility now

New payment is more than welcome just 5 days before Christmas. If you haven’t received a check yet this month, this could be yours. While some seniors could cash out $4,555others may receive much less.

The good thing is that if you are not eligible for this paymentyou may be eligible for the next one on December 27th. What’s more, some seniors can even get another check on December 29th, but if they don’t qualify for the one on December 20th or 27th.

First and foremost, all beneficiaries must have applied Social Security retirement benefits. If you have started receiving your monthly payment before May 1997, however, you will not be eligible.


The Social Security Administration confirmed that on December 20 payment will be for pensioners whose date of birth is from 11-20. If this is your case, check your bank account balance and see if it’s already there.

Millions of American seniors wait for their paychecks every month, and their new payment could be due today
Millions of American seniors wait for their paychecks every month, and their new payment could be due today

Sometimes it can take up to three days to be mailed. So don’t worry if your check isn’t on time. However, most pensioners will get theirs money today if eligible.

As stated earlier, you can take your monthly payment payment on December 27. This check will be for those retirees who started receiving benefits in or after May 1997 and meet the birthday requirement.

Those pensioners whose date of birth is from 21st to 31st will get their next ones payment on December 27. This will be the last retirement check seniors can receive in 2023. Unfortunately, it will not have a COLA increase for 2024, and this group will have to wait until January 24th to cash it.


The last one payment of the year will be for those with additional insurance income. This is extra money for those American citizens with really low incomes. So some retirees and people on Social Security Disability may qualify.

December 29 payment should have arrived on January 1, 2024. Therefore, this will be a higher amount than the December 1 SSI check. Because the 2024 COLA begins on that day, beneficiaries will receive additional money.

The Social Security Administration already informs about their maximum amounts payments. SSI recipients can receive up to $943 in 2024. This maximum amount is for individuals.

Those couples who are both eligible for SSI can receive up to 1415 dollarsso they’ll get $44 more than they did in 2023. Single recipients can just get up to $29 extra a month.

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