Payments of up to $4,555 for seniors and up to $3,627 for people with disabilities in 5 days

The last one payments in December coming soon The Social Security Administration has scheduled the latter retirement and impairment check for December 27, 2023

Not all retirees or SSDI beneficiaries are eligible for a December 27 check. These payments will only be for those who meet 2 basic requirements. The amounts will also vary from one recipient to another.

Do not forget that payments it may be higher for those who have met the conditions set by social security. FYI, these checks will not include the 2024 COLA increase, so beneficiaries will have to wait for the additional money.


If you have started receiving payments before May 1997, these checks will not be for you. To receive them, you must have filed for and received benefits after May 1997 or in the same month. But that is not enough.

Pensioners and disabled people can receive these payments if they also meet the date of birth requirement
Pensioners and disabled people can receive these payments if they also meet the date of birth requirement

Therefore, you must have a birthday between 21 and 31 to be eligible for this Social security payment on December 27. Remember that those whose birthdays were before this have already received their checks.

This requirement is the same for retirees and Social Security Disability beneficiaries. They receive checks On the same day. Even if their amounts and benefits are completely different.

The downside is the fact that these retirees and SSDI recipients will have to wait until January 24th to receive their payments with the 2024 COLA boost. It will only be 3.2%, but it will be helpful for those on a tight budget.


The Social Security Administration claims the largest payments in 2023 it could be $4,555 if you are retired. Very few Americans qualify for this big check because they must have been high earners for 35 years and file at 70 in 2023.

Likewise, there are large ones payments for Social Security Disability. Because many disabled workers are unable to work for many years because of their disability, their paychecks are smaller.

The maximum amount for SSDI is 3627 dollars in 2023. Anyway, it’s better to look at the average payments in 2023. For example, pensioners can receive 1848 dollars average.

SSDI beneficiaries can receive approx 1489 dollars average payments as well. As you can see, retirees can take home more money than disability benefits. The last payment in 2023 will be to SSI recipients who receive their January check on December 29. SSI recipients will be the first to receive the COLA increase.

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