Paying up to $3,822 worth of disability benefits on January 24, Will you get SSDI today in the US?

Disability benefits are on January 24. In truth, this will be the last day when SSDI recipients may receive a new payment this month. To receive this money, you must first receive Social Security approval.

If you started getting Social Security money before May 1997, this disability benefits checking it's not yours. It is only for those who received benefits after April 1, 1997 and meet the birthday requirement.

Obviously you can't take it if you overcome your disability. If this is the case, report it to the Social Security Administration so they don't send you any more disability benefits.


In addition to having a qualifying disability and receiving benefits after May 1997, your birthday must meet Social Security guidelines. Then these disability benefits will be yours if your birthday is in any month but from days 21-31.

Don't delay your application for disability benefits, the SSDI decision can take too long if you are on a low income

The other beneficiaries will have to wait for theirs disability benefits until February. SSI (Supplemental Insurance Income) recipients will be the first to receive their money in February.

February 1st will be SSI payment day. Immediately after, the first SSDI verification will be due. February 2nd will be your payday if you were on Social Security before May 1997.

Disability benefits for those on benefits since May 1997, they will be due on three different paydays. The circle on Wednesday SSDI payments will arrive on February 14, 21 and 28. Valid birth dates are 1-10, 11-20 and 21-31 respectively.


The Social Security Administration says the average SSDI payment will be $1,537 in 2024. That's 3.2% more than in 2023. Remember, as of December 2023, it was just $1,849.

Disability benefits you may have higher amounts if you have been a high earner for many years and filed as a senior. The closer to full retirement age you claim SSDI, the better.

However, it is not possible to choose when to file because you have a disability that prevents you from working. This is why most beneficiaries receive lower payment of disability benefits.

To get more money while it is on SSDI, you better apply for Supplemental Security Income or SSI. In addition to this benefit, you can apply for SNAP to get money to buy nutritious food. Visit your local agency or contact the administration or even the USDA to get support.

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