Pay-to-check incentive going viral in this state, more than 200,000 apps

Most taxpayers in the United States have applied for and enjoyed Economic Impact Payments. However, it's time to look stimulus check payments.

It is true that incentive check payments come in the form of tax refunds, tax rebates, guaranteed income plans and various other ways. Anyway, it is free money and it will definitely help you.

Alaska offers the opportunity to apply for Permanent Fund Dividends. This stimulus check gave recipients $1,312 in payments in 2023 and $3,284 in 2022. The 2024 PFD payment amount is uncertain, but you can apply now.


To be eligible for a permanent fund dividend, you will need to meet several requirements. Note that you cannot apply if you are not a resident of Alaska in 2023

Make sure you meet all the requirements to be eligible for this Alaska PFD incentive check

Remember, you must be a 2023 resident for the entire year. If you plan to move to another state or country, you are also ineligible. So it is important to file if you intend to continue living Alaska.

Moreover, it is not possible to obtain this stimulus check if you have declared residence somewhere else. If you received benefits because you claimed residency elsewhere, you are not eligible.

People who were in prison in 2023 may not be eligible for this stimulus check in Alaska. Visit the official PFD Alaska website for more details if you have a conviction or have been incarcerated. Make sure your absence from Alaska is allowable. Verify that you are physically present in Alaska for a minimum of 72 consecutive days in 2023 and 2022.


According to the PFD website, it is possible to request a Direct deposit. After submitting online, choose how you prefer to receive this freebie money. Online filers can also request a paper verification.

Keep in mind that direct deposits are usually faster and safer when it comes to incentive check payments. As for the date you can receive your direct deposit if you are eligible, it will be early October.

In truth, those who submit online and receive direct deposit will be the first to get a table payment. Paper checks could be in your mailbox by the end of October.

Furthermore stimulus check, there is another opportunity in Harris County, Texas. Submission of a plan for a guaranteed income program is possible until February 2 at 11:59 p.m.

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