Over 5 million Americans get 3.2% more after COLA hike today SSI payment eligibility here

There are three groups of Americans who can get this SSI payment on December 29. To receive monthly payments from Supplemental Security Income, you must file and receive Social Security approval.

Seniors 65 or older, blind people, or people with disabilities may be eligible for SSI. So if you received a Supplemental Security Income payment on December 1 and you’re still eligible, you’ll get more money on December 29.

Even if you collect your monthly payment on December 29th, it is for the month of January. If you are new to SSI and it’s your first check after Social Security is approved, save that money for next month. This is not a bonus or additional payment.


All Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits increased by 3.2%. If you qualify for the largest amount in 2023, you may receive $943 on December 29. Therefore, your new SSI payment is $29 higher. Remember that the biggest check in 2023 was $914.

Social Security allows beneficiaries to receive retirement or SSDI and SSI at the same time in 2024 in the US
Social Security allows beneficiaries to receive retirement or SSDI and SSI at the same time

Another option is to get the maximum amount for a married couple. If this is your case, you should both qualify SSI. Otherwise, you will not be entitled to this payment.

The new SSI the maximum amount for couples is $1,415, compared to $1,371. Therefore, those beneficiaries will receive $528 in 2024. But not all SSI recipients are eligible for such a large increase.

They can also receive important persons Supplemental Security Income. But their new totals are up to $472. In 2023, their sum was $458. They almost get $15 extra a month if they qualify for the biggest payment.


For your information most SSI payments will be on the first day of the month. But there are many exceptions, as Social Security never schedules any payments on a holiday.

If one SSI payment expected over the weekend, the Social Security Administration is also making changes. The important thing is that these checks are never late because they are for families and individuals with low incomes.

Therefore, SSA prefers to send SSI payments on the previous business day if it is a holiday or weekend. Payment days in 2024 will be on the first day of February, March, April, May, July, August, October and November.

The SSI checking for June it will arrive on May 31st. The one for September will be due on August 29th. Finally, the December payment will be sent on November 29, 2024. Apply for Supplemental Security Income if your pension or SSDI payment is too low. Don’t delay it and get more money. SNAP is also another alternative.

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