Online Software Engineering Programs

Software engineers are essential for developing, operating, and maintaining the computer programs that produce an efficient, smooth-running system in every industry from banking to entertainment.

Designing software is like working on a puzzle; a solution comes from reviewing parameters and designing a program, then integrating with other programs, creating an overall system. Successful engineers are able to analyze logic problems, think analytically, and see how individual programs work together to form a cohesive system.

Degree Requirements

Depending on the level of degree being pursued, the requirements for a software engineering degree can vary. For example, an associate’s degree program often requires approximately 60 credit hours of study. For the bachelor’s degree, that credit hour requirement doubles to 120 hours. In the case of a master’s degree, the credit hours can vary from 33 to 48 credit hours or more, depending on the school and the specific degree focus.

Students looking to become software engineers should focus on a bachelor’s of science degree, majoring in computer science. It requires studying both the scientific and mathematical basis of software, as well as programming languages along with analyzing and maintaining created software. The required courses in a major are math- and computer science-based: discrete math, programming language concepts, systems analysis, and web design to name a few.

Advantages of Online Formats

There are a number of advantages to online study. First, the financial cost of an online program is often significantly less than a traditional program. Also, coursework is often flexible and can be tailored to fit around a work schedule. Finally, software engineering degrees that are online also have an added benefit: since most of the classes deal with software, programming, and web-related programs, there’s very little that a student can’t access right from a home PC.

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