No SSI payment on February 1st? Here's what you need to do to report a missing check

The Social Security Administration usually sends SSIretirement and SSDI payments when due. So it is more than likely the responsibility of your bank or financial institution.

Therefore, Social Security recommends that you first call or visit your financial institution or bank. SSI usually arrives on the first day of the month. However, sometimes you may get it in advance.

That's because Social Security never sends money to SSI beneficiaries on a holiday or weekend. So they reschedule payments on a business day. Although this is not the case in February, it will happen again on May 31st.


Supplemental Security Income recipients who have not received their payment on the correct payment date must wait 3 days for it to be mailed. I'm reporting stolen, missing or even late payment, call Social Security.

SSI payments may not last forever if you no longer meet all of the Social Security eligibility requirements

The Social Security Administration will be able to help you if call them at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). Another option to report missing SSI payment is to visit your local SSA office.

After you report it, the Social Security Administration will need to review your case. Once they determine the reason why it is missing or late, they will replace it.

Note that some SSI Beneficiaries may lose their right to participate. There are many different reasons why someone might not qualify. Let's look at some of them.


Receiving SSI benefits is not always easy. In addition to having low income and few resources, you must have a qualifying disability, or be 65 or blind. What's more, it may take longer than expected to learn the Social Security decision.

Remember, after all this ordeal, the SSA will make decisions. This will depend on your situation and may happen once every 1 to 6 years. They will then review your living arrangements, resources and income.

Sometimes you may qualify for a lower or higher amount. In other cases, it may remain the same if nothing has changed. In this way, SSA ensures that beneficiaries receive the correct payments.

some SSI beneficiaries lose these benefits after he got married. Because there are new techniques, some people can leave behind a disability or overcome it after rehabilitation. So they can also lose their benefits. Possession of more than $2000 in resources may result in ineligibility.

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