No retirement checks in 6 days, new pay dates for retirees in February

There will be no more after January 24th Social security retirement payment after 6 days. Money is scarce with such high inflation and exorbitant prices of food and services.

That's why pensioners need to know when the next payment is. retirement it can be expensive, especially if you haven't saved enough money or have too many expenses.

Actually, retirement not recommended at age 62 because you get a 30% discount. Of course, if you're sick or can't find work, it's fair enough to file at 62.


If you filed for and received benefits before May 1997, the February 2nd check will be yours. Some elderly people on Social Security retirement benefits can also receive SSI on February 1.

Eligible beneficiaries will receive their Social Security retirement benefit on February 2, 2024

If you are eligible for both SSI and retirement Benefits, the payment on February 2nd is also for you. Thus there are two possible types of recipients on the second day of February.

Those who began to receive retirement benefits from May 1997 onwards have to wait a little longer. Their salaries will depend on their birthdays. So if your date of birth is 1 to 10, your check is due on February 14th.

If it's from 11-20, yours payday will be on February 21st. February 28th will be the last day to pay if your birthday is between the 21st and 31st. So this will be the last day to receive money from the administration in February.


The maximum amounts are the same for everyone retirement checks in 2024. In fact, the largest Social Security benefit for retirees is worth $4,873. It has increased by $388 since it was $4,555 in 2023.

FYI, if you have not applied for benefits and would like to receive $4,873 in 2024, you must meet 4 requirements. Filing at age 70 is one of them.

The second is to have 35 years of work experience. The third is to have paid payroll tax to the administration. Finally, the last condition is that you have earned the taxable maximum for a minimum of thirty-five years.

If you meet all these requirements, but submit documents to Full retirement age in 2024 you can get 3822 dollars instead. At age 62, it can reach $2,710. Go to to average social securityas of January 2023 they are approx 1907 dollars.

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