No more SSI payments until this date with checks worth up to $943 in the United States

The post-holiday budget crunch is doing a lot SSI (supplementary insurance income) beneficiaries think about their next payment. In fact, the Social Security Administration has confirmed that there is no other checking until February.

That’s why it’s vital to plan your upcoming expenses. The last one SSI payment arrived Dec 29, 2023 Getting a check early does have some advantages.

However, for those living on a tight budget, it can seem like it will take a long time until February arrives. Also, some recipients may have just been approved by Social Security to receive SSI payments. So they may not know when their checks are coming.


The administration has scheduled the next one SSI payment for February 1, 2024. Although most Supplemental Security Income checks arrive at the beginning of the month, this is not always the case. These are the exceptions in 2024.

SSI recipients are low income so every cent counts, set a monthly budget to save money and make ends meet
SSI recipients are low income so every cent counts, set a monthly budget to save money and make ends meet

The months of March, April and May will have SSI checking on the first day of the month. However, the one in June will arrive on May 31, 2024. But why is this happening?

For your info, Social Security Administration never pays on a holiday. If the payment is due on Sunday or Saturday, SSA schedules it for the previous business day, usually Friday.

This leads to an interesting coincidence. SSI recipients you can receive two checks in the same month. Even if the payments are for 2 different months, they get it in the same month. But no bonus or additional payments, just 12 checks per year.


Although there is a different SSI quantity for each recipient there are maximum amounts for which some beneficiaries may qualify. If you are entitled to a value payment $943you get the maximum amount for one person in 2024.

These SSI Beneficiaries who have other sources of income or revenue may receive a reduction. This is why there are much lower payments for Supplemental Security Income.

For example, the average SSI check as of November 2023 is $673.86 for all recipients named in the SSA. This benefit is also for children under 18, and they receive average checks worth about $785.28.

If you are a significant other, you may qualify for the largest SSI check in 2024. The maximum benefit amount for eligible couples is $1,415. Eligible individuals can receive up to $472, up from $458 in 2023. Apply now to get more money even if you are on SSDI or retired.

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