New payment for seniors 65 or older in the United States, check if you are getting this money today

New payment arrives in the US on January 10th. It won’t be the only one this month, though. In fact, it’s the second time that America’s seniors have received checking this month.

After January 3rd paymentit’s time for other eligible seniors in retirement to get theirs, too money. Remember, this check is only for those retirees who didn’t start collecting checks before May 1997.

In addition, they must meet one more condition. That way, all seniors get theirs payment in a timely manner. Pensioners aged 65 or over can no longer wait for their money, but some will have to wait up to 2 weeks to receive it.


If you started collecting pension benefits from May 1997 onwards and your birthday is between 1 and 10, you will receive a new checking today. So seniors aged 65 or above who meet these 2 conditions should check their bank accounts today.

If your birthday is at the beginning of the month, you may receive a new payment today if you qualify
If your birthday is at the beginning of the month, you may receive a new payment today if you qualify

It’s true that if you’re 62 or older, you can also get a payment today. However, the amount of your check will be much lower. This is because the Social Security Administration reduces your check if you file early.

For example, the largest Social Security retirement check at age 70 is $4,873 in 2024. If you choose to file at full retirement age in 2024, your payment it could be up to $3,822.

Another option is to start collecting a Social Security pension payments at 62. However, your check will be up to $2,710. Early retirement can mean getting 30% less, while late retirement gives you 24% pay per month.


The Social Security Administration has confirmed that there are 2 payments left in January. After today’s check, American retirees can get a new one on January 17.

Again, you will need to meet the birthday requirement. If you have not applied for pension benefits, you are not entitled to them payment in January though. So make sure you apply for benefits first.

Those with birthdays between 11 and 20 will receive their money on January 17. As for the maximum amounts, they are the same as on January 10 or 24 payment. Average payments are also the same for all payment days.

In fact, seniors can get an average level payments worth $1,907 in 2024. Therefore, they are 3.2% more than in 2023. The last check will be due on January 24 for those whose birth dates are 21-31.

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