new checks worth $1,537 for this group of disability recipients, expect soon

This is the last chance you get SSDI checking. The Social Security Administration has scheduled a disability benefit payment for this week. To get some money you must have submitted first.

You must also meet other conditions. Note that this payment is not for those who began collecting Social Security before May 1997. What's more, this SSDI the check is for those who have a birthday in the last days of the month.

For example, if you meet the previous requirements and your date of birth is 21-31, you will get this SSDI payment. Remember there will be more checks coming soon but in February.


The Social Security Administration will send the next one SSDI verification on 24 January 2024. Those whose birthdays are after the 20th and up to the 31st and are eligible will receive their new disability benefit in just 48 hours.

Applicants for SSDI must meet all of the requirements that Social Security has set for disability benefits

Note that there will be a new payment for those on disability benefits before May 1997 on February 2. Normally they get this payment on February 3rd, but it's over the weekend.

Social Security only sends money on weekdays. In this way, the administration avoids the delay. Sending checks in advance is common, but first-time payees may not know it yet.

Another way to get it SSDI will be on February 14, 21 and 28. If you also receive SSI, your next Supplemental Security Income will be in your bank account on February 1st.


If you have not yet filed for Social Security, try to delay filing as much as possible. This way you will get more money from the Administration. SSDI it could be worth as much as $3,822 in 2024.

The maximum amount was $3,627 in 2023, so there was a fantastic boost in maximum payments. However, most checks increased by 3.2%. That would be about $48 extra per month.

FYI, the average SSDI the payment is about $1,537 in 2024. Therefore, the maximum amount was previously about $1,449. If you have a lower payment, you may qualify for SSI.

SSI can give you checks worth up to $943 if you are single. It can be much higher if you're married and both qualify, up to $1,415. SNAP benefits are another way to redeem money for food in the United States. Every little bit counts, so apply for them now while you're at it SSDI.

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