Multiple Sclerosis Causes

Many researchers know what occurs when MS advances in a person, they have yet to understand any combos of multiple sclerosis causes. There are lots of things which are thought to be a major factor; however, muiltple researchers still have a tenuous ways to go in to finding an  actual cause for MS that will allow them to prevent the disease in the first place.

Much is known about MS, doctors know that it is an auto- immune disease; this means that the immune systems turns on itself and begins to attack a part of your body, in this case, the myelin which covers the nerves of the spinal cord.

Multiple sclerosis treatments have been progressing that allow doctors to slow down the progression of this disease, but as of yet there has been no ability to prevent the disease from occurring.

There are some theories on multiple sclerosis causes that give researchers a good place to begin. Genetics is is known to play a important role in most every type of auto immune disease and MS.

Environmental factors are being explored in a number of different possibilities to find possible multiple sclerosis causes; researchers are finding that where you live can have an effect on your chances of getting MS.

The closer you live to the equator the less of a chance you have of getting MS, researchers theorize that the lack of sun generated vitamin D may have something to do with this. Diet is also getting a larger role is the search for a cause for this disease.

Some of the most recent research is to find out if multiple sclerosis can be triggered by a virus as many other diseases have been. Viruses can cause a considerable amount of damage and researchers theorize that these viruses may be able to confuse the immune system into attacking healthy tissues rather that the virus itself.

Someday we will understand much better the multiple sclerosis causes and this will give us the ability to help prevent this disease, it may even lead eventually to a possible vaccine.  In the mean time, learning to eat clean and healthy and get plenty of sun and take a bit of vitamin D is good for everybody whether they have MS or not.

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