Millions of retirees and people with disabilities have received their checks, but 2 payments remain in December

Payments are on the way and there are millions of Americans who have not received them all checks scheduled for December. While some pensioners and disabled people will receive their next benefit 2024others will receive it in days.

If you didn’t start getting checks before May 1997, you may qualify for the last retirement check and SSDI in 2023. The thing is, you’ll have to meet the birthday requirement to get one of these 2 payments.

The last 3 payments for retirees and people on SSDI are sorted based on your birthday. For example, if your birthday is from 1 to 10, you get the first check. Those whose birthday is from 11 to 20 get the second check and the rest qualify for the 3rd check.


The Social Security Administration revealed that those whose date of birth is from 21 to 31 will take the check on December 27. There will be two payments on the same day.

SSDI, retirement and SSI payments are coming soon if you qualify
SSDI, retirement and SSI payments are coming soon if you qualify

The first inspection on December 27th will be for people with disabilities under the DOO. The second payment is for those retirees who qualify for the last check of the year if they are retired.

Remember that these payments are only for those who have started receiving money from Social Security after or in May 1997. As for the amounts, they will depend on the type of payment you have and your previous earnings and work history.

Average SSDI payments are about $1,489, while their largest possible check is $3,627 in 2023. Those collecting retirement checks could receive up to $4,555 in 2023. The average retiree check will be $1,848. These payments will become $1,537, $3,822, $4,873, and $1,907, respectively, after the 2024 COLA increase.


Even if you received your check on December 1st, there will be another SSI benefit that will arrive 2 days before the end of 2023. SSI payments they usually arrive on the first of the month, so this pay day will be an exception.

For your information, the Administration prefers a schedule payments on working days. In this way, they avoid problems with late checks and beneficiaries who cannot contact their banks or financial institutions.

Since New Year is a holiday, SSI recipients will receive their money on December 29. So that would be 3 days before the date it was supposed to be. SSI payments worth up to $943 in 2024.

Since this will be January payment in December it will include the COLA increase for 2024. The last SSI check was up to $914, so it will go up 3.2%. Married couples can receive up to $1,415 and emergency workers up to $472 on December 29.

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