Millions of Americans will receive up to $4,555 this month. Social Security confirms it

Who does not want to collect a payment valued at $4,555? This is the maximum amount Social Security Administration is set for 2023 but will be higher in 2024 thanks to 2024 COLA.

The new COLA will do it all Social security payments grew by 3.2%. Regardless of the type of check you receive, you’ll collect more money monthly.

SSI, SSDI, retirement, spousal or survivor benefits will get more money. The first day to enjoy the 2024 COLA increase will be December 29, so this week’s payment will only have the 2023 COLA increase, but not the new one.

Who can get up to $4,555 in Social Security this month?

The next payment from Administration it will be on November 8th and it will only be for those seniors who have applied and received it Benefitsbut not before May 1997.

What’s more, you must meet the date of birth requirement. If your birthday falls between the first and the tenth day of the month, then this checking it will be yours. Get ready to pay up to $4,555.

Unfortunately, the average payouts aren’t that high. Most don’t even reach $2000. Note that the average payment is about $1,841 as of September 2023. S 2024 COLA boost, they will be almost $1,900 as they will increase by approximately $58.

Make sure your birthday is between the 1st and 10th to receive your retirement or SSDI check on December 13th. If your birthday is not on the dates mentioned, then your payment up to $4,555 will be on December 20th or 27th. If you think your check is too low, apply for SSI as well. see the post below.

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