Millions of Americans will receive checks worth $1,848 and a single payment of about $676 today in the U.S.

Payments are arriving today, and millions of Americans will receive some money in their bank accounts. The thing is, some eligible beneficiaries may even receive 2 checks at the same time. This is not a common thing, but sometimes it can happen.

The Social Security Administration announced this payments are due to December 1 for additional insurance income (SSI) beneficiaries. But they won’t be the only lucky recipients.

In truth, there will be a certain group of seniors who will receive their monthly payment in advance. So many more seniors pick up their checks on the first day of the month. If you haven’t applied for Social Security yet, you can’t get it.


If you have started receiving Social security payments before May 1997, this will be your payday. Believe it or not, it won’t arrive on December 3rd like usual. The reason why the administration had to delay the delivery of this check is quite simple.

Social Security will send 2 payments on December 1st, retirees and people with disabilities can get up to 2 checks today
Social Security will send 2 payments on December 1st, retirees and people with disabilities can get up to 2 checks today

December 3rd cannot be a payday because it is a Sunday. Since banks are closed, the Social Security Administration prefers to send the money 2 days before the actual due date. This way you don’t have to wait for your money and there are no delays.

So, seniors with retirement benefits or people with SSDI before May 1997 who also receive SSI may receive two checks on December 1. The reason some people with disabilities and some retirees can get Supplemental Security Income is because they have really low incomes.

Therefore, if you have a low income and do not receive SSI, it is high time to apply for it. By doing this, you can get more money regularly. Getting more money from the administration can help you deal with food insecurity and pay for necessary expenses.


The amount of money for a pensioner or SSI person is not fixed for all beneficiaries. Actually there is payments which are made to measure. For example, to receive a larger Social Security check, you must earn the taxable maximum for 35 years and file at age 70.

If you can complete this tough challenge, you can receive $4,555 on December 1st. If you filed at full retirement age, that could go up to $3,627. First time senders can only receive a payment to $2,572. As you can see, there are many different possibilities.

The earlier you file, the lower your Social Security benefits. Plus, if you have Supplemental Security Income, you can get a check worth up to $914 for singles. Married couples who both qualify can receive $1,371.

Important persons may collect a payment worth $458 from SSI. Then, depending on your situation, your check could be higher or lower. Those who receive an average retirement check and and average SSI paymentscan receive up to $2,524.

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