make my future Social Security payments grow

More than 71 Americans count Social security or SSI payments. Needless to say, more retirees rely on retirement benefits because they have not been able to save or invest as much as they would like.

Others made a big mistake by filing too soon and can’t do anything about it now. Before you regret, make sure of the way Social security works. This way, you can decide when is the right and best time to receive your monthly checks.

While some argue that filing at 62 is the best thing, others believe that getting Social security at 70 it’s just perfect. No one can be in your shoes, so be informed to make the right choice and get as much as you can money as much as possible.


As soon as you start work, you need to make sure that your employer is paying the right amount taxes. Sometimes they can make mistakes and you will end up paying less tax. This may affect your future payments, so withdraw your annuals Declaration of social security to see that everything is alright.

The younger the worker, the easier it will be to increase their future Social Security checks
The younger the worker, the easier it will be to increase their future Social Security checks

Once you know you are paying the exact amount of taxes for the work you do make sure you get good paying jobs. If your job doesn’t pay you well, try to get a promotion or look for alternatives.

Those workers who receive lower wages will receive lower wages Social security payments too. Therefore, it is not optional, it is mandatory to get more money while working. But these two tips are not enough.

The number of years people have worked is also essential. To receive Social security you will need to have worked for at least ten years and earned 40 credits. Work credits can be earned while you pay taxes. For $1,640 ($1,730 in 2024) earnings, you can get 4 credits in 2023. This is the maximum number you can get in one year.


Workers who have not worked for 35 years will receive a reduction Social security retirement benefits. Therefore, it is vital that you work for at least 35 years.

Sometimes you may want to work longer hours to gain maximum benefits ($4,555 in 2023), you must have earned the taxable maximum ($160,200 in 2023) for 35 years. If you’ve had a few years of low wages, you can make up for them by working longer hours.

Social security will only select highest earning years up to 35. Retirement age is also critical. Early retirement at 62 means getting 30% less per month. Not everyone can afford it.

So if you want to get 100% of your Social security file at full retirement age. File at 70 if you want 24% extra per month. Apart from that, you are better off saving money and contributing to your 401(k) plans. Smart investing can also make your retirement a peaceful time.

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