Lucky Social Security beneficiaries will cash out 2 payments in December

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will soon begin mailing checks to eligible recipients in the United States. While the first payment is scheduled for December 1st, the last is due on December 29th.

In the meantime, there will be other payments. The remaining wages will be December 13, 20 and 27. Remember that you can only get money from Social Security if you filed and the SSA approved your application.

The first day of payment will be for two different groups of recipients. In fact, they usually receive their checks on different days. So, as usual, Supplemental Security Income recipients will receive their payment on December 1. The pensioners who started to receive Social security prior to May 1997 will receive their checks on December 1st.

Which Social Security beneficiaries can receive 2 payments in December?

The Administration will send 2 checks to those citizens who receive supplemental insurance income. The first payment will be on December 1st and the second on December 29th. However, there is a good reason to send two payments in the same month, and it’s not because of inflation.

Get ready because your first Social Security payment will soon be in your bank account
Get ready because your first Social Security payment will soon be in your bank account

The reason why SSI beneficiaries may receive two payments in December as they will receive their January payment on that day. This will not be an additional or bonus check. This is how the administration sends payments when the payment day is a holiday.

Since New Year will be a holiday and banks will be closed, it is always best to send the money a few days before the due date to avoid any delays. Remember that a lot SSI beneficiaries have low incomes. It is therefore vital that they collect their money as soon as possible.

Social security will also include the COLA increase in the December 29th payment. So the remaining beneficiaries will have to wait until January to enjoy the boost. In fact, they’re lucky because Americans may be broke after all the Christmas expenses they should have covered.

How much will Social Security increase SSI benefits?

It is important to note that SSI payments on December 1 and December 29 will have different maximum amounts. Thanks to the 2024 COLA, there will be a 3.2% increase in benefits. Since the December 29 check is for January, that will be the new increase.

A single person who is eligible for SSI will receive up to $914 from Social security in 2023. Starting December 29, the maximum amount for those on SSI will be $943. Of course, the average SSI check is only $676, so don’t expect much more unless you have other income or resources.

If you and your spouse receive Supplemental Security Income, the largest check in 2024 will be $1,415, up from $1,371. If you qualify for the maximum amount, you will receive $2,786 in December.

Make sure you apply for SSI if you have low Social Security. Apply for I click benefits is another way to redeem more money and buy healthy food. Women with children can also apply for WIC because they receive SSI.

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