List of citizens who will cash their $4,555 Social Security check this week

Later this week Social Security Administration I will send United States hosts the last retirement checks in November 2023. After this payment, there will be no new payment until the following month. Therefore, we need to check the cashing requirements of this check.

In case we are not on the list of beneficiaries of this payment, we may have problems collect this month’s Social Security benefits. So if we check all the information as soon as possible, we will have more reaction time to claim the payment in case it arrives late.

However, there is nothing to worry about if we haven’t cashed the check yet. Most of the time the payment arrives without a problem. Also, in case our Social Security Check it’s late, there are ways to fix the situation.

But the first thing we need to do is check which pensioner group we belong to. This will make it much easier for us to organize our household finances. The next group to be paid will be group 4. If we belong to this group, the check will arrive this week.


Beneficiaries who belong to group 4 are the ones who can get theirs Social security check this week. To belong to group 4 we must meet two requirements. And these requirements are not optional, but completely mandatory.

The Social Security Administration will send the last retirement benefit for November
The Social Security Administration will send the last retirement benefit for November

With that in mind, let’s look at the conditions:

  • There is pension after 1997.
  • You must have your own birthday between the 21st and 31stt of each month.

And there are no other mandatory requirements in this regard. Therefore, the type of benefit is irrelevant to receiving the check for that day. Similarly, the month of the pensioner’s birth, as well as the year, do not matter. The year of retirement and the day of the month in which we have a birthday are important.


If we’re not in Group 4 and we still don’t have our retirement check in November, we may have to claim social security payment. To do this, we have two main ways, one of which is mandatory before using the other.

The first of the ways in which we have to state that the payment is through our bank. It is common for the bank to hold money for various reasons. So if our money didn’t arrive on time, the bank may have put a hold on it.

The second way to claim the money is by direct contact with Social Security Administration. This contact should be made only in case the first method did not work. The administration will be able to help us resolve any issues in this regard.

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