Last day to receive a $1,312 payment in 2024, these Americans are eligible for a great incentive check

Incentive check payments are coming to an end in 2023. This for free money will help eligible American families do all their Christmas shopping. It’s time to go shopping and get lots of gifts quickly.

Obtaining stimulus check helping you can be great. Some people worry that they haven’t applied for this payment, but if you’re an Alaskan resident, you will soon be able to apply for these payments.

The amount of it Alaska incentives check is 1312 dollars and comes from PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend). The Alaska Department of Revenue has announced that there will be no more payments in 2023. However, the next PFD payment will be available on January 18th.


This PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) money is only for those who have qualified and filed before March 31, 2023. Moreover, if you have already received your payment, you cannot receive it on December 13 either.

View your bank account balance to see if you received an Alaska stimulus check payment
View your bank account balance to see if you received an Alaska stimulus check payment

Note that you can only qualify for this Alaska incentives check if you are a resident there. Since the PFD money is for 2023, it will see to it that you live there in 2022.

It is vital that you only claim this free money if you want to continue living in the Alaska. Citizens who have claimed residency in other states or countries cannot apply as of December 31, 2021.

There may be some exemptions for some citizens and they may be eligible for this stimulus check if they leave Alaska on an authorized absence. That is, the DFD may allow some citizens to be abroad for some time. Physical presence in Alaska for a minimum of 72 consecutive hours is required in 2021 or 2022.


If you ask for 2023 PFD stimulus checkyou cannot have been incarcerated in 2022. However, you can always contact the PFD department to explain your personal details and check your eligibility.

It is also possible to visit one of their PFD offices to request information about them incentive checks. If you need to submit any documents, you can also send them by post. Email can also be sent to

Although the submission period ended in 2023, the 2024 submission period for the PFD incentive checks will open on January 1, 2024. Therefore, there are only a few weeks left to apply. The submission deadline will be March 31, 2024.

Remember that there is also a stimulus check available in Washington. Submit your application before December 31st to avoid missing the deadline. New Mexico there is also a tax credit that you can claim until 31 May 2024.

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