Indigestion Treatments

Indigestion (upset stomach) is the generalized term describing discomfort in the abdomen area; it isn’t a disease or condition, but individuals will feel several uncomfortable indigestion pain and symptoms including: bloating, gas, nausea, and belching. Indigestion is common in many individuals, but each person will react to it differently, feel different indigestion pain, and experience different symptoms.

Indigestion and Forms of Treatment

There are common symptoms, and signs which might tell a person they have done too much of an activity, and indigestion pain might be kicking in. One is feeling full early on in a meal, even though you have barely touched your food.

Another common symptom is uncomfortable fullness after your meal which lasts for extended periods, pain in your upper abdomen, or a burning sensation in the upper abdomen. Other indigestion pain and symptoms include nause and bloating, but are less common.

One final indigestion pain which is very uncomfortable is heartburn during or after your meal. Although indigestion and heartburn are different conditions, they sometimes go hand and hand with one another. Although indigestion can be uncomfortable there are indigestion treatment options available to consider.

Causes of Indigestion and Indigestion Pain

Although there is no one causes for indigestion in individuals, there are several foods and activities which can trigger it. Some are related to lifestyle choices, and others to the choices we make on a daily basis in our diet and drink options; however, it can also be caused by digestive conditions (in which case you will have to seek indigestion treatment options to take care of the condition).

Some common causes are: overeating or eating too quickly, greasy or spicy foods, too much caffeine, alcohol, or carbonated beverages, smoking, nervousness, certain medications, or emotional traumas.

There are also health related issues, which will require indigestion treatment to take care of including: stomach inflammation, pancreas inflammation, gallstones, or stomach cancer. Additionally if causes cannot be found, an individual may have what is known as dyspepsia (impaired ability to accept and digest foods in the stomach); this condition will also require indigestion treatment, usually by a doctor prescribed medication.

No matter what the causes of your indigestion are, you should contact a doctor if over the counter indigestion treatment medications are not taking care of it, or if the problem is persistant. Although it may not be life threatening, it is not a great feeling to have to live with everyday of your life.

Indigestion Treatment and What To Expect

If you seek medical treatment, there are several options available from over the counter medications, to prescription medications, or alternative means of treatment your doctor can prescribe. But before finding the right treatment, there may be certain tests which have to be run, to discover the causes if the indigestions symptoms become chronic.

Depending on your doctor, they may require you to: get x-rays of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine to make sure everything is properly functioning. You may have to take blood and stool samples, an abdominal ultrasound, or an abdominal CT scan. Again, these are only in severe cases, where the problem is persistant, and your doctor couldn’t find the cause with a regular physical exam.

So, what are the more common forms of indigestion treatment available? – Typically your doctor will recommend over the counter medications to see if this solves the problem. Some of these medications include: antacids, H2 receptor antagonists (Pepcid or Zantac), proton pump inhibitors (Nexium or prevacid), or antibiotics to take care of the symptoms. Additionally some people prefer natural treatments such as: changing diet, managing stress, or eating smaller meals which are healthier.

No matter what the cause of indigestions symptoms you are feeling, if the problem becomes persistant, contact your doctor to ensure nothing is wrong, and to make sure it is properly treated before further damage occurs.

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