Increase your benefits if you are a Social Security Disability recipient

Some people may know that a condition they will get worse over time. Therefore, they will eventually file for Social security for disability. If this is your case, you should ensure that you have worked for at least 35 years if possible.

It will therefore be vital that you start work as soon as possible. Workers who have not worked for 35 years will receive a reduction payments. So, both candidates for retirement and disability benefits should aim to work for at least 35 years.

The second way to increase your future disability payments is to earn more money per month. That way, you’ll pay more taxes to the Social Security Administration and your future check will increase. Third, the older you are when you file for Social Security, the larger your payment will be. Social Security benefits stop growing when you’re 70.


Once a year, Social Security Administration will increase yours disability benefits and you don’t have to do anything at all. This happens when inflation rises and there is an annual cost of living adjustment. But there are other ways to get more from the administration.

Disability benefits can become a substantial part of your income, so try to make it as large as possible or find ways to supplement it
Disability benefits can become a substantial part of your income, so try to make it as large as possible or find ways to supplement it

For example, if your situation has changed, you may now be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), while receiving disability benefits. If you have a baby and your family is bigger, your family income is less because you are more people.

So, apply for SSI and get up to $943 (if single) or up to $1,415 (married couples) in 2024. Some pregnant women or women with an infant or child under 5 may be eligible for WIC. So that might be another option to explore if you’re on a really low income. SSI is for blind people and people with a impairmentso you can qualify.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits can help you buy food, too. These are known as SNAP benefits and are the former food stamps. Monthly checks can be between $291 (maximum amount for an individual) and up to $1,751 (maximum amount for a family of eight). Beneficiaries with disabilities can get SNAP if they have a low income.


If you have impairment but you may do some work, you may get more money. Take a look “Ticket to Work” program.. It supports people with disability benefits to develop their careers.

Don’t worry because the Ticket to Work program costs nothing and is optional. Therefore, the Social Security Administration will not force you to participate while you are enrolled disability benefits.

By joining this program, you can achieve financial independence. Let’s be honest, average SSDI checks are only $1489 in 2023 so not enough. Blame it on rising price inflation and higher interest rates.

The main advantages of participating in “Ticket to Work” program. are the fact that you can continue to receive SSDI payments for a few months, you can also enjoy Medicaid and Medicare, or even get some training to look for a new career.

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