Inconceivable: Simple Tips to Naturally Boost Your Fertility

When you’re ready to have a baby, it can be frustrating to see the same old results. Before you make the plunge to spend thousands of dollars on doctor-driven fertility treatments, give the old fashioned way a try. Here’s a few tips for boosting your fertility, naturally and simply. 

Assume the Position

Believe it or not, sexual positions can greatly impact your chances of conceiving. In this case, there’s no need to get too experimental. As a matter of fact, the missionary position still stays “on top” of your position options when conception is the goal. If you’ve attempted to conceive without success, make the switch to missionary position and see if this simple adjustment can make a big difference.

Attain Your Ideal Weight

Being over- or underweight can put a dent in your chances of conception. Women safely within range of their ideal Body Mass Index generally have an easier time getting pregnant. If you are underweight, you should attempt to safely gain weight by eating more of the right foods.

If you are overweight, simply losing ten pounds can greatly increase your odds, and should be achieved with a low-carb diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding starches. Regular exercise can also aid in the quest, not only improving your odds of getting pregnant, but also preparing you for an easier delivery.

Charting Your Cycle

While the “Rhythm Method” has been helping couples avoid pregnancy for years, the inverse of this method allows you to chart your fertility and the peak days of ovulation, where your chances of conception are much higher.

This also depends on other components like your body temperature, which can vary greatly throughout the day. As you gain greater insights and understanding of your own body’s natural fertility cycle, you can begin timing your sexual encounters for a greater chance at success. For more information, read our article on Charting Your Cycle.

Conception Kits

Conception kits are over-the-counter solutions that can help a couple improve their chances of natural conception. These kits contain a number of different items that aid in the conception process, ranging from Conception Caps (TM) to ovulation predictors and even semen collectors. In many instances, these kits can be purchased using your medical insurance, with just a minimal co-pay. The entire kit offers a three-month conception supply.

Watch What You Eat

Proper nutrition can greatly improve your odds of conceiving. Alcohol and caffeine should be severely limited and intake of Vitamin C and antioxidants should be amped up. Aim for more balanced meals, fewer preservatives and stay as close to fresh as you can. Adding a vitamin or nutritional supplement can further increase your odds of success.

These five simple solutions can do wonders towards making pregnancy possible. However, there are no guarantees. Should these natural methods of improved fertility fail, there are other infertility treatments available.

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