If your birthday isn’t from 11-20, the government is announcing that the check that arrives tomorrow is not for you

Collecting new checking is what millions of Americans really need. A payment of approximately $1,841 or $1,486 is due on November 15th. There are so many Americans who run out of money that getting money from social security, I click or tax credit is essential.

In this case it is not a stimulus check but social security payment. In truth, there are two different groups of beneficiaries who will collect some money in just a few hours. So be sure to check your bank account balance tomorrow to see if your payment has arrived.

This will actually be the fourth checking which Social Security will send in November. It won’t be the last though, as there will be another Social Security payment next week.

Who will get a new check on November 15th?

First and foremost, you must have filed for Social Security. If you received benefits before May 1997, you cannot qualify for a payment from November 15. This is because you will receive it on December 3rd and you received it on November 3rd.

Collecting a check on November 15 is possible if you qualify for this Social Security payment
Collecting a check on November 15 is possible if you qualify for this Social Security payment

Also, your birthday must be between the 11th and 20th. If your birthday falls on one of these days, you will be paid on November 15. On the one hand, you can get this money if you are on retirement Benefits.

On the other hand, you may also get some money if you are on Social Security Disability (SSDI) Benefits. Therefore, there are two groups of beneficiaries who can receive new check on the same day, even if their benefits are not the same.

Remember, to receive retirement benefits, you must have worked for at least ten years and earned 40 work credits. The retirement age starts at 62. SSDI works similarly, but the age and number of years worked may be lower if you are younger and have a qualifying disability.

What if I’m not eligible for this check on November 15th and I’m on Social Security?

Fortunately, there will be another Social Security payment on November 22nd. Therefore, if your birthday is from the 21st to the 31st, you may be eligible. Of course, you must have received benefits after May 1997 or in May 1997.

Once again, this new payday will be for Americans receiving Social Security retirement benefits and those receiving SSDI. The maximum amount for the checks on November 15th and 22nd will be $4,555 for retirement or $3,627 for SSDI.

These reviews will include the 2023 COLA increase. However, the 2024 COLA will not be ready until January 3rd, 10th, 17th or 24th. This will depend on the payday you are eligible for. Remember there will be a 3.2% increase.

If you’re on a low income and really struggling to make ends meet, apply for Supplemental Security Income while you’re on Social security. This way you can increase your monthly income. SNAP benefits can also help you buy food. Don’t delay and apply for them as soon as possible.

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