If your benefit is before this year, you won’t get a Social Security check until February

Social security benefits follow a calendar that United States Government announces at the beginning of each year. Just by looking at this calendar, we will be able to know exactly what day we collect each of our checks. Retirees in the United States are divided into four different groups, and each of these groups receives its benefits on a different day.

For this reason, only by knowing which group we belong to can we know on which day of the year we receive each of our payments. The system is very easy and simple and directly helps Americans to be more financially stable. The more they know about the day, they get Social securitythe easier it is for retirees to organize their money.

In the case of the first of the group to be paid each month, there is only one requirement. So just by fulfilling this one requirement, we will be able to collect the first of Social security payments for the month. But that will also mean we’ll have to wait until the next payment today since the check has already gone out.

Who Won’t Take Social Security Until February?

The first group of Social security retirees they will not receive their compensation until the first week of February. That’s because they already cashed their check in January. The administration sent that check on January 3rd, so every beneficiary should have that money in their pocket by now.

Social Security checks will arrive next month for some Americans
Social Security checks will arrive next month for some Americans

To belong to this group of beneficiaries, it is mandatory to have a benefit from before 1997. Only then can we receive the check in the first post office. Birthday is not important to get paid on that day. This information is only relevant to beneficiaries after 1997, as they are the ones who have a subdivision on three different days.

Therefore, if you have the benefit from before 1997, you should already have the money for January and will have to wait until next month to get another check. There is currently no additional incentive check to accompany these payments, so we should be able to pay all our expenses with Social security.

When is the next payment due for pre-1997 retirees?

The Social Security check next February for pre-1997 retirees will arrive on a different day than usual. The usual date would be February 3rd, but that day will be a weekend. And since the administration does not send payments on the weekend, we will have changes in this regard.

But there is nothing to worry about as the payments will arrive even earlier for thousands of pensioners. The administration will send the check on February 2, which will be Friday. Retirees with Direct Deposit enabled will not have to wait a day to be able to use the money. But if the pensioner has not activated this collection method, he can receive the money later.

Since the payment is due on Friday, the money may arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. This will depend 100% on our bank. So when the date arrives, you should check to see if you have received yours Social security payment.

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