HPV Causes

HPV Causes

Since HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, one can assume that the main cause of getting the HPV virus is through sexual contact. The initials HPV are used to abbreviate the name of the virus, human papillomavirus, that causes the sexually transmitted disease known as HPV. The HPV virus lives on the surface of the skin which includs the throat, mouth, penis, cervix, anus and all parts of the vagina.

The HPV virus grows rapidly on areas of the skin that are usually damp which are normally the genital and anal areas. The problem in determining a cause for the HPV virus is that there are more than 100 known HPV viruses.

Those strands that are sexually transmitted infect the genital areas and are passed from one person to another through either oral sex or intercourse. Since the HPV virus lives on the moist areas of the genitalia using condoms won’t prevent your contacting HPV virus since the condom will not cover the entire area of the genitalia.

One cause of the spread of the HPV virus is the assumption that some people have about their protection from sexually transmitted disease if they wear a condom during sex. The HPV virus is caused by the virus growing on wet areas of the skin and is not affected by a condom.

Another cause of what causes the HPV virus to infect a person is through lack of understanding of the virus. The sexually transmitted strand of the HPV virus does not cause symptoms in the infected host. Since the infected person doesn’t know he is carrying the HPV virus, he continues to have sexual contact with others and spreads the virus.

These types of sexually transmitted HPV viruses have not outward signs of infection, but they are the cause of cervical cancers which is a serious health risk. The other strands of the HPV virus that can grow on non sexual skin parts do have physical signs of their infecting the host.

These signs are called by the familiar name of genital warts. Although genital warts might resemble small malignant growths on the skin that look like plants, they do not cause cervical cancer. The problem with using the telltale sign of cervical warts to know if you are infected by the HPV virus is that you can go for a long period of time after initial contact with an infected HPV host before you show signs of having contacted the HPV virus.

Another cause of the HPV virus is the ease with which it can infect people and live on the surface skin. More than 20 million cases of the HPV virus are reported or presumed according to statistics from information released by the American Social Health Association.

You are more likely to become infected by the HPV virus if you have sex with more than one partner, start having sex at a young age or are a teen or young adult. The fact that the HPV virus is more prevalent in a youthful population indicates that puberty might be one of the causes of attracting the HPV virus.

The virus is found on people of both sexes between the ages of 14 and 59. That the HPV virus is a sexually transmitted disease and is almost widespread on people who are capable of becoming sexually active indicates that the hormones produced by the sexually capable person might be a cause for attracting the HPV virus.

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