How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Following up after an interview is often one of the best ways to keep your name at the top of the potential candidate list. When thinking about how to follow up after a job interview, there are three basic rules to follow: be patient, be persistent, and always be polite.

As the initial interview comes to a close, if not already indicated, ask whether or not follow up contact is welcomed. Before leaving, ask for the interviewer’s business card. If the interview involves a large company, ask for a company directory as well.

While the interviewer’s business card should include his or her name, job title, telephone number, and email address, if this person is not destined to be the final decision maker, having access to the company directory should provide the company’s mail address and human resources department information.

As soon as possible following the interview, send a brief email to the interviewer acknowledging your appreciation for his or her valuable time in meeting with you. This communication should be timed to reach his or her email inbox by the beginning of the next business day.

If the position is not expected to be filled quickly, the email should be somewhat more substantial than just a thank you. Indicate your continued interest in the position and remind the recipient of job skills that make you a valuable candidate for that specific organization within a few short paragraphs. Maintain a friendly tone and follow business letter etiquette rules.

If you elect to do so, immediately indicate who is calling and why. It is paramount to maintain a friendly but professional tone of voice. In either case, bear in mind that the person answering your call or reading your letter may not become your immediate superior or supervisor. It is always advised not to place a call during the first hour of the business day or during the last hour of the business day.

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