How much Social Security are you getting in the US in 2024?

The Social Security Administration sent monthly payments to more than 70 million Americans in 2023. This is a very old administration and has evolved a lot since its inception in 1935.

As the cost of living changes from year to year, SSA must update payments. Doing this, millions pensionersdisabled beneficiaries and other recipients may retain their purchasing power in 2024.

After the 8.7% increase in 2023, few experts expected more than a 2% boost. In fact, Social security will give retirees, SSDI and SSI recipients 3.2% extra per month in 2024. Therefore, starting December 29th, there will be new amounts.


The maximum Social Security Retirement Benefit it will depend on the age you file for benefits. For example, if you retire in 2024 and do so at full retirement age, you could receive up to $3,822. Seniors who retire at age 62 will get up to $2,710, so they’ll get a reduction.

Seniors will receive 3.2% more in 2024 from Social Security
Seniors will receive 3.2% more in 2024 from Social Security

If an adult retires at age 70 in 2024, that person will receive up to $4,873. After the COLA increases in 2024, all retirees will receive about $59 more per month from Social security.

The current maximums are $4,555 (at age 70), $3,627 (at full retirement age) and $2,572 (at age 62) in 2023. These large payments are only for high earners who have worked at least 35 years and are filed at 70.

Average payouts will be more realistic. According to the latest COLA fact sheet, the average Social security retirement benefit is $1848 and will soon be $1907 after the 2024 COLA increase.


Some workers cannot work temporarily or permanently, so they claim disability benefits. If you haven’t earned enough work or Social security credits, you may not be eligible for SSDI.

Then SSI may be an alternative. Social security for disability offers payments up to $3,627 in 2023. The new maximum amount for SSDI will be $3,822 in 2024.

SSI has lower payments, but it will be essential for more than 5 million Americans. A person on SSI can get up to $943 in 2024. Married couples can qualify for up to 1415 dollars after a COLA increase.

If your SSI, SSDI, or retirement benefits are not enough, apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This is the best way to reduce food insecurity if you cannot afford to buy healthy food. The administration may take some time to make a decision about SSDI payments, so apply quickly.

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