How long will it take to get my 2023 tax refund if I file my tax return today?

Some reports claim that the average salary in 2023 was approx $59,400. If taxpayers received from IRS about $3,167 on average from theirs tax recovery in 2023that means many get more money than their monthly salary.

Even if tax refund were about 2.6% lower than the previous year, they were still a lot of money. Some experts say this year's tax refund could be slightly higher because of the new IRS tax groups.

Therefore, there are many Americans who try to apply as soon as possible so that they can get theirs IRS audit. In doing so, they may make some mistakes and file an incomplete or inaccurate tax return, which can lead to delays.


If you filed your tax return on January 29 IRS claims that some eligible taxpayers can get it within the 21 days. However, there is a group of taxpayers who cannot receive it until February 27. But who are they and why?

The IRS can send your tax refund within 3 weeks if you're eligible and meet all the requirements

The Internal Revenue Service claims to issue 90% of refunds in less than 21 days. Hopefully, your tax refund is not part of the rest of the returns that need a thorough review. However, EITC and ACTC refunds must be ready by February 27.

If IRS need to review your tax return, it will definitely take much longer than expected. If you filed your 2023 tax return on January 29, you can check the status of your tax refund after 24 hours of e-filing.

For your information, if you have filed a 2021 or 2022 return now, it will take up to 4 days to show its status. However, many Americans still prefer to file a paper return. And what about them?


It is recommended that you file an electronic tax return and request a Direct deposit. This is the fastest way to get your 2023 tax refund.

Failure to do so will delay the process and may result in the loss of your check. One thing IRS warns of the fact that you should not rely on this money for tax refunds until a certain date.

Some taxpayers agree to pay a loan or buy something on a certain day. Then, if they do not receive their tax refund payment on time, their expectations will not be met.

The IRS continues to remind taxpayers to check their tax refund status at Remember to double-check your return before you file it. If you are eligible for ACTC or EITC you should check your status on feb 17

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