Hot Flashes Symptoms

Hot flashes are the biggest symptoms of having menopause or premenopause. These flashes are when a person all of a sudden feels hot and they start to sweat. Most of the time, the person’s face will get really red. Doctors do not know exactly what causes the hot flashes but they believe that it was something to do with a person’s circulation.

The redness on the face usually occurs when the blood vessels that are on the skin need to dilate to cool off. This helps to cool down most of the body too. The sweating happens the most at night when you are asleep and are often called night sweats. Most people will wake up all during the night because of the sweating.

This is because a women’s estrogen levels are lower at night. Most of the time, the hot flashes will last the period of time that you are going through menopause. Then some people can keep the hot flashes for a much longer period of time. But generally over a period of time the hot flashes will become better.

Hot Flashes Symptoms

There are a lot of hot flashes symptoms. The first of the hot flashes symptoms is the redness on the face for no reason at all. The second of the hot flashes symptoms is crying for no reason at all. The third of the hot flashes symptoms is being angry for no reason at all.

The fourth of the hot flashes symptoms is starting to get hot and sweating. This symptom will last for a few minutes to a few hours. The fifth of the hot flashes symptoms is sweating from your knees up. But you will have cold feet while you are sweating.

The sixth symptom is being cold on a very hot day. The seventh symptom is a rapid heartbeat or a irregular pulse. The eighth symptom is headaches due to anxiety or nausea. This could also make you feel dizzy. The ninth symptom is mood swings. The tenth symptom is a weight gain. The last symptom is a change in your body odor.

Treatment For Hot Flashes

There are a few treatments for flashes. The first treatment is Vitamin B complex. The Vitamin B complex can help a person’s energy levels and your body will run more efficiently. The second treatment is Vitamin E. The Vitamin E helps to decrease the amount of flashes and night sweats that a person has. The third treatment is Ibuprofen.

The Ibuprofen can help relieve some of the pain that comes with flashes. The fourth treatment is blood pressure medications like Catapres, Catapres-TTS, and Aldomet. The blood pressure medications could relieve hot flashes in some women. The fifth treatment is birth control pills.

This is because the birth control pills have estrogen in them. The sixth treatment is antipressants like Zoloft, Paxil, and Effexor. The antipressants work great because they affect the brain’s use of a neurotransmitter chemical called serotonin. The last treatment is Neurontin. Neurontin is an anti seizure drug that it can regulate the flow of calcium in and out of cells. Therefore, a women’s body temperature can be controlled.

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