HIV Treatments

HIV is a serious virus that affects millions of people world wide. When suffering from HIV or AIDS it is important to seek out the best HIV treatment available as to extend as much time as possible out of a life. 

HIV Symptoms

Although one should not rely on symptoms for an accurate diagnosis, it is crucial to recognize that there will be virtually no change in your average health right when you acquire the virus. …

HIV Information

HIV is a condition in humans which dangerous failure of the immune system allows life-threatening infections and cancers to grow and live. There is no cure for HIV but there are medications to help treat the disease and prolong the life of the patient. 

HIV Causes

HIV is contracted through the transmission of blood or sexual fluids. The most common form of transmission is through sexual intercourse, those it can also be contracted through the sharing of needles. 

HIV Prevention

HIV can be transmitted through sex, drug use, and even breast feeding. Fortunately, today there are a number of precautionary measures and medicines you can take to reduce your risk of HIV.