Hilarious beach photos taken at just the right moment

The beach is a place where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, but it’s also where you’ll find some of the funniest and weirdest things.

These hilarious beach pics that we’ve collected from the internet will show you that the beach is not only about surfing, sunbathing, or building sandcastles.


The lady in the front is too busy minding her own business, so she has no idea what kind of antics her friend is up to. Her friend must have slipped, because she’s doing a full faceplant on the sand now.

Ouch! Even though we can imagine this is not the way you want to be photographed, it still makes for a very funny picture.

Beachside restaurant rules

This restaurant cares for your safety, but they also want you to pay your bill. This funny sign gives you a 3-step-program to follow in case of a tidal wave. Because a wave isn’t going to pay the bills, of course.

It makes us think… Just how often does this restaurant have to deal with tidal waves? When do you even think of putting up a sign like this?

Secured Flipflops

This person must’ve had their flipflops stolen more times than they can count, for them to even think of securing them to a pole using a bike lock…

They look pretty worn-down so we’re not sure why somebody would even try to steal them, but we don’t judge. They’re safe and secure now.

Sunbathing in style

This person must’ve gotten fed up with the sun beds always being taken. He took matters into his own hands and brought a sofa to the beach.

It looks pretty comfy, if we’re being honest. And hey, there’s room for one more, so who knows if this guy made a new friend on this beach day!

A pig on the beach

Who brought this pig to the beach? Imagine just relaxing, enjoying the sunset, when out of nowhere a pig shows up.

The sunset is really pretty though, so we don’t blame it for showing up. But a pig is not the only animal you can come across on a beach day…

Tortoise selfie!

This woman went to the beach, when she came across a tortoise. She couldn’t believe her eyes and needed to capture it in a selfie.

The tortoise doesn’t seem to mind. He’s just casually chewing away on some leaves and sticks, living his good life.

Face or book cover?

Is that her face or a book cover? The cover of the book fits her face perfectly, making it look like her own face is twisted into the funny facial expression pictured above.

The photographer must’ve been laughing incredibly hard when he found out how funny his picture turned out.

Cute little elephant

Aww! Look at this guy in the picture above. He’s just relaxing on the beach, rolling around and enjoying the sun.

We wonder if he went for a swim afterwards. This picture is super cute, but an elephant is not something you would expect to see when you go to the beach.

Swimming with a doll

A lot of people bring floaties to the beach, on which they can drift across the surface of the ocean. It’s pretty relaxing! This person, however, chose to bring a very interesting floatable object with him to the beach. It looks like he’s staying afloat, which goes against everything we expected.

“I want to be on the photo too!”

On the picture above, you cna see a group of 11 friends that want to capture this moment forever, on a photograph. Little did they know that there was a man in the ocean who really wanted to join them on the photograph.

We like to think that they only found out after they got home. Imagine framing this picture and then seeing the man in the back. Hilarious!


Why settle for a towel on the sand, when you can build an entire sofa? The person pictured above went all out and created his own relaxing sofa out of sand. Apparently the hard work was tiring, because he appears to have fallen asleep.

“Couldn’t we have left the horses at home?”

This family doesn’t look too surprised by the fact that there are two horses next to their stuff. One of them has even laid down for a quick nap.

This makes us think: is this so common? Or did they bring the horses? I guess we’ll never know, but it makes for a funny picture.

Penguin Wedding

Who knows what surprises the animal kingdom hides from us? In the picture above, you can see a penguin wedding.

Spoiler alert: They’re stuffed penguins. Somebody set them up like this for the photograph. They nearly fooled us! The resulting photograph is hilarious.

Bikini Parade

Apparently this is a thing in Australia, where they try to set a world record for the longest bikini parade. We’re happy that they do, because the resulting pictures are very pleasing to the eye.

In the back, you can see someone filming the parade, so you can be sure that the photographer who took this picture wasn’t the only one interested.

“Mom, why is that guy taking a picture of a cleaver?”

This guy is on his knees, taking a picture of a cleaver with the ocean as a backdrop. Why? We have no idea. But somebody else must’ve thought to be very weird, because they took a picture of the man taking a picture. It’s a strange set of events, but it did turn into a very funny photograph.

Prepare for landing

This plane is cutting it very close. He’s flying towards an airport that’s further up the coast, but in order to reach it in time, it has to descend quite early.

This makes for a very special experience for anyone on this beach, because it’s probably the closest any of them are ever going to get to a flying plane. The picture above does look pretty surreal!

Sunbathing Seal

Sometimes you just need to take a break from swimming and fishing and laying on rocks… Thank you, humans, for preparing this comfy sun bed for me.

The seal in the picture seems to be fast asleep, relaxing in the sun after a hard day in the open oceans. We think it deserves it.

Creative Proposal

Oh my! Look at that artwork in the sand. Angela’s boyfriend really went all out to propose to her on the beach.

Imagine going to the beach for a nice day in the sun, and when you get there you see this. We hope she said yes, and if so, we’re so happy for the couple!

Cats hate water

This cat was probably chasing a crab, but he stopped right in time. You can see he has absolutely no intention of entering the water.

Cats are known to hate water and this one is no exception. We hope the tide doesn’t continue on, because then he’s in for a wet surprise.


This seagull didn’t understand why this human was taking so long while eating her food. He decided to help her out. Amazingly enough, she managed to snap a picture right at the very moment that the seagull was taking her donut. What a hilarious picture!


These two friends created a hilarious photograph in which it looks like one of them is using the other as a surfboard. They’re actually in the air, so we’re not sure how they even managed to do this.

Maybe they were resting on a table and somebody pulled it away from underneath them? However it was done, it’s a very funny picture!


We were startled when we first saw this picture. We didn’t think it was funny at all. Until you realize that there are two people, one of which has his head in the sand, while the other is buried so deep that you can only see his head. This is such a creative photograph! We love it.

New swimwear trend

Well here’s something you don’t see every day. These two buff guys might have started a new trend. Or they simply lost a bet. Whatever it was, it makes for a very funny picture.

You don’t often see muscular guys like these in bikini tops. What do you think, should they wear this more often?

Fifth Wheel

This is just tragic. For the couples next to him, this might be the Summer of Love. For the guy in the middle, it looks to be more of a Summer of Loneliness. 

We hope that this is just a staged funny photo, because if not… This would be extremely sad. His friends don’t seem to be considering his feelings. Everyone deserves love, so we hope the guy in the middle found it too.

Monkey Mayhem

Normally when you go to the beach, you’re more worried about losing your food to birds. This woman had to worry about monkeys. They’re probably more dangerous than birds, but also a lot more cute.

Oh no…

We imagine this person must’ve had their reasons to bury herself into the sand. Maybe she wanted to recreate the decapitation picture from earlier, or maybe her entire body was sunburnt.

However, it wasn’t the smartest idea to do this below sea level. She’s in for a nasty surprise. But it makes for a funny photo!

“What’s this?”

This person is holding up a pink object and seems to be asking the cameraman what it is. The cameraman knows he has to capture the following moments, because the woman has picked up a jellyfish. And we all know what happens when you touch those…

Horse Head

You’ve definitely seen this horse head on the internet before. Somehow, no matter how many times you see it, it doesn’t become any less funny. Being out of place is just its thing.

Drink It!

Grabbing your friend, pinning them to the ground, and forcing them to drink what looks like a canned beer. This may be staged, but that doesn’t make it look any less funny.

Breaking Waves

Looks like the tide’s coming in. They may have posed for a photo op too. Well, it looks pretty good, but also hilarious. Hopefully they don’t get too much sand and saltwater in their eyes.

Beach Bum

Maybe not quite a bum, but this guy really didn’t come to the beach with the right clothes on. Well, he at least got the shirtless part right.

Frisbee Catch

People like to take frisbees and other sports equipment to the beach to have a little fun. It can be fun throwing a frisbee back and forth with your friends. Although, it’s probably not a good idea to try to catch it with your face.

Raccoon Party

It’s a rare sight to see for raccoons to gather at the beach. What’s that man carrying that he attracted a gaze of raccoons? A gaze is what you call a group of raccoons.

Driving To The Beach

Driving the beach is one thing, but you shouldn’t take it onto the sands. Someone took the car a little too deep onto the beach. Was parking really that bad?

Masked Beachgoers

Well, for lack of better words this style of dress at the beach is certainly… strange. The luchador masks especially so. There’s probably a reason for it, maybe stopping sunburns, but then you’d just tan unevenly.

Captain Dog

Who’s a good boy! They must be such an effective fishing boat captain. They’ve even got a net. And look at beauty of a vessel in the background!

The Worst Outcome

Getting buried up to your head at the beach is bad enough. Getting flocked by seagulls also isn’t fun. But then both of those things happening at the same time and one of them pooping on your head? You might need some therapy afterwards.

Body Builders

Who says you have to be a body builder to be strong? These women seem to be carrying their body builder partners no problem. They must weigh 250 pounds each. Yet the ladies don’t seem to be struggling in the slightest.

Photo Bomb

Oof! So close! They didn’t even have time to react to the dog jumping in the way before the photo was taken. Hopefully they could just wrangle up the dog and try again afterwards. Still a sight to remember though.


Nothing’s more terrifying at the beach than seeing a shark in the water. Although this might be enough to retroactively make that fear go away. Is that shark costume even waterproof? The people at the beachhead certainly seem to find this predicament to be particularly… strange. They probably won’t hop in the water as long as that shark’s there though.

Big Gulp

This girl looks pretty thirsty. When you do a bunch of exercise in the heat of the sun at a beach, you’re bound to get thirsty. Although, they have to be incredibly thirsty in this moment. After all, why else would they be taking a sip from a water bottle this big? Perspective is a pretty funny thing, isn’t it?

Public Drinking

Hey! You should be keeping that in a brown, paper bag if you’re going to be drinking in public…! Hey! Wait a minute! You’re too young to drink! The bottles probably aren’t actually full of alcohol, if they have anything inside them at all, but it does create a funny image.

Bucket Capture

There’s that forced perspective again. Except this time it’s more so working against the subject here. It can get pretty bad getting trapped, but it’s even more insulting to be trapped underneath something like a plastic sand bucket. Not to mention it’s insulting.

Three Girls And A Chimp

That chimp’s really trying to cop a feel? Well, it is an ape after all. Wanting to get a picture with the wildlife seems fun in the moment, but it can quickly get out of hand. Especially considering how volatile a chimp can be. Although, if this is its closely related cousin the bonobo… certain physical contact is still to be expected.

Real Dogs

Just trying to get a candid photo of yourself taken, right? Nothing wrong with that. But this is just another example of why it’s important to check your background for photobombers before taking the shot. In this case, the photobombers in question are a pair of dogs having a bit too much fun at the beach.

Santa Caught At High Tide

An overweight man with a big and bushy, white beard? If his trunks were red you’d have to say he was Santa. Regardless of what he looks like though, one thing’s true: this guy’s asleep. It almost seems as though he fell asleep in this chair and the tide came in while he was passed out.

Wet Wizard

You probably shouldn’t bring your cosplay or Halloween costumes to the beach. That’s a surefire way for them to get wet. Of course, if this man was a time-displaced person from hundreds of years ago, it’d make complete sense why he was wearing this while knee-deep in water at the beach.

Family Photo

Is that person in the front even supposed to be in the photo? It seemed as though it was supposed to be a simple, family photo. But it looks like as soon as that woman in the salmon-colored shirt showed up the entire group cowered and tried to move away from them.


Being hungry is one thing, but is this really what you should be eating? There’s something pretty messed up about eating another person. Even if they are tiny…! Or maybe it’s just that forced perspective thing again.

The Upright Dog

This dog looks like they’re really strutting around the beach. You don’t often see dogs standing on their hind legs like that. And usually they’re holding themselves up on something when they do. But, considering the position of this dog’s ears, they may be on their way back to all-fours.


What kind of power is she using on this guy? She knocked him right off his feet without even touching him. Was it the wind pressure from her movements or just something that the normal eye just can’t see?

Achieving Nirvana

Four friends, all achieving enlightenment together. Or maybe they just took a picture while they were in midair while jumping. The crossed legs certainly makes it look like the first thing. It’s still a fun picture regardless.

Salt Croc

What, never seen a crocodile before? To be fair, finding one suddenly in your hands would be terrifying. Even if they were a small one like this. Fortunately, this woman has nothing to worry about. Crocodiles’ bite force is all in the clamp down. With the tape over its jaws it can’t even open its mouth.

Buried Baby

Burying older children and adults is one thing, but a toddler? This kid looks more like they fell into a sinkhole than anything else. Hurry! Someone get a plastic shovel! We need to dig this kid out!

Surfing Nun

It’s not every day that you see a nun outside of a convent. And even when you do, they’re rarely a young, hot-looking one like this. And even under those circumstances, do you really see them at the beach? This nun must have been an avid surfer before she took up the habit.

Too Big For A Beach Umbrella

There’s that forced perspective one last time. It looks like a giant’s trying to give someone a beach umbrella. Or maybe, based on the point on that umbrella, they’re doing something a little more sinister. It would explain why the woman in the photo seems to be trying to stop it from being planted.

Cats Don’t Like The Beach

It’s pretty well-known how much cats hate water. Their fur isn’t waterproof after all. So that poses the question of why someone would even bring their cat to the beach. This one even looks albino, so the sun wouldn’t be doing it any favors. Oh yeah, and the cat own in this photo’s making a pretty funny pose.