Hand Pain Treatments

Our hands are a very important part of our bodies. Try lifting something with your elbows. Perhaps you could try combing your hair or brushing your teeth. The point is that our hands play a very large role in our daily activities. Not being able to use your hands is hard to imagine.

Hand Pain Treatment

Pain in our hands is probably one of the most uncomfortable things that could cause us anguish and anxiety especially, finger pain or joint pain. Just think about how much we use our hands. The skeletal structure of the hand contains 27 bones.

The human hand unlike any other animal is a complicated and sophisticated instrument. Our hands allow us to perform complex task without effort. The hand is filled with a tremendous amount of nerve ending which makes it extremely sensitive to tactile response sending instant messages to the brain. Such response messages as a prick from a needle sensing hot vs. cold.

To lose sensation in one’s hand can almost stop the function of it altogether. That is why understanding and treating hand pain and finger pain so important. When you have joint pain and especially finger pain you become immobile and unable to perform the simplest tasks

Causes of Hand Pain

There are a wide variety of reasons for hand pain. The most common reason for this kind of pain is injury. Inflammation is another cause for pain. Aside from injury or trauma there are other factors that can cause hand pain and they are more common than you may realize .Conditions like carpal tunnel, arthritis, and tendinitis and in some cases infection.

Rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints of the fingers, wrist and elbows causing stiffness and swelling. Another form of arthritis that causes hand pain is osteoarthritis. Carpal tunnel is an ailment which affects the nerves and connects the carpal ligaments with the carpal bones of the hands and can cause severe pain. The problem is the median nerve in this area becomes pinched and causes a numbness that can be felt throughout the entire hand.

Losing feeling in the hand is a real cause for concern and help is needed to alleviate the hand pain or finger pain and repair any damage. Another form of finger pain is tendinitis commonly referred to as trigger finger. This is a condition where the tendons of the finger become irritated and swell. When this happens the finger can lock into position and cause discomfort. All of these ailments require some type of treatment.

Hand Pain Treatments

The hand pain treatment used may vary according to the type of pain you may be experiencing. Anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone shots and surgery are just a few of the ways to treat and manage it. Using these traditional approaches to hand pain treatment have shown some relief and effectiveness.

Alternative medicines have also been used as a hand pain treatment to manage hand and finger pain. Other methods of treatment could be massage therapy. In some cases making changes in ones diet can be used to manage finger pain. Ice therapy has proven to be very effective in reducing inflammation. Using ultra sound and fluid therapy are also an effective form of hand pain treatment.

Using splints have turned out to be helpful in the cased of osteoarthritis slowing down the degeneration of the joint. A most effective hand pain treatment is vitamin B-6 especially in treating carpal tunnel. There are numerous approaches to dealing with hand pain. Discussing the problem, causes and treatment with your doctor will yield the most effective results for you.

The use of these remedies for hand pain treatment can only bring relief with proper diagnosis. When you suffer from finger pain, joint pain or any other hand pain the only thing you want is relief and you want it fast.

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