Gum Disease Causes

Gingivitis, also called Gum Disease, is a common condition affecting the gums. It derives its name from gingival (gums) and is characterized by the inflammation and redness of the gums. As a periodontal disease, Gingivitis not only causes the inflammation of the gingival but also infection.

The infection effectively destroys the tissues that support the teeth. These tissues include not only the gums themselves but also the alveolar bones and periodontal ligaments.

It is common for many people to have varying degrees of Gum Disease at some point in time in their lives. Pubescent children and young adults often suffer from Gum Disease because of hormonal changes within their body. For sufferers of all ages, symptoms can reoccur frequently or be persistent dependent upon the overall health of the teeth and gums.

Gum Disease causes are varied, however, most stem from compromised health. In events of poor dental hygiene Gum Disease is prompted by the extended presence of plaque deposits on the teeth. Long-term exposure to plaque is one of the main causes of tooth decay.

The bacteria laden sticky mucus often contains trapped food debris. When teeth are not cleaned regularly the plaque hardens and in extreme cases builds up to the point where it is easily visible. The hardened plaque deposits are referred to as tartar. Tartar becomes affixed to the tooth base and is not easily removed by standard brushing.

The combination of tartar along with existing plaque lends to aggravation of symptoms by irritation of the gums. Not only the bacteria itself but the toxins they produce are the culprits of Gum Disease causes. Results are infected swollen and tender gingival.

In a complete change of fortune, one of the other major Gum Disease causes is brushing of the teeth. The effects of over zealous, frequent and vigorous flossing and brushing are able to damage the gums. When the gums are injured, no matter what the cause is, they become venerable to gingivitis.

Along those lines, the rough edges of tooth fillings or even mal-fitted braces, crowns, or other mouth appliances can cause damage to the gums. As such, all have the potential to be Gum Disease causes as well. Natural occurrences such as misaligned teeth can yield the same.

Pregnancy causes a range of hormonal changes. Much like puberty, these fluctuations in hormone levels change the sensitivity of the gingival, which leads to higher susceptibility to Gingivitis. Certain medications are known to be associated with Gingivitis including birth control pills and phenytoin.

For children and industrial workers it is worth noting that exposure to heavy metals, including lead, have associations with causing disease of the gums as well. General illness over all compromises your oral health and for diabetics, whom have diabetes untreated, the possibility of contracting Gingivitis is higher than normal.

While Gum Disease is common it is also easily prevented. Being fully educated on Gum Disease causes allows for the intelligent prevention of Gingivitis. Maintaining overall health and seeing a dentist regularly are both key in the prevention of gum disease.

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