Great news as banks will start sending disability benefits to recipients in 72 hours

Banks will send a new one soon SSDI payment in United States. There are millions of citizens who rely on Social Security, but not all of them receive their checks on the same day.

It is not easy to qualify for disability benefits. Therefore, once you collect them, you may feel relieved because many applicants do not get Social Security approval for SSDI.

This group of SSDI recipients did not receive their new COLA increase for 2024. Therefore, they should look forward to seeing the new payment amount if they do not already know it.


The Social Security Administration has designated January 17 as the payment date for those whose birthdays are after the 10th but before the 21st of each month. Also, you cannot start receiving benefits before May 1997.

Therefore, if your birthday is from 11-20 and you have started collecting SSDI after May 1997 you are eligible for this new check. What’s more, you can get an average payment worth $48.

This extra money may not seem enough after 8.7% CAR boost in 2023. However, this increase is higher than in most cases. Note that the average COLA is only about 2%.

If you are not eligible for this SSDI check and get this disability benefit, you have to wait. The administration has confirmed another payment on January 24th if your birthday is from the 21st to the 31st.


SSDI recipients can receive average checks worth $1,537. This is only an estimate and you may receive more or less money. The largest payment you can receive is worth $3,822.

This big one SSDI checking is only for those who have worked 35 years, earned the taxable maximum for the same number of years and filed as a senior. The sooner you file for disability benefits, the lower your check

That’s why there are so many SSDI recipients who must apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Those checks can give them up to $943 for individuals and up to $1,415 for married couples. SSI checks are due on February 1st.

In case you do not have enough money to buy food, contact the office for additional food assistance. The I click benefits can give you money for healthy food. So don’t hesitate to apply online or get help from your local food stamp office.

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