Government confirms payment dates for pensioners and disabled people in December 2023

The government announced that Social Security Administration (SSA) will begin sending yours soon payment in December. In fact, the Administration will send two checks on the same day. So there will be more recipients than usual for the first payment day.

Pensioners and the people of disability benefits (SSDI) can start receiving payments on December 1, 2023. This is unusual, as the first payment day of the month is usually for those citizens with additional insurance income.

However, the Social Security Administration had to reschedule payments because on Sunday, December 3, banks are closed. Back then, the only opportunity to send checks was also December 1st. This way the recipients will get theirs money 2 days in advance.

Right of pensioners and disabled people

If you have been receiving Social security for a long time and you started collecting checks before May 1997, it will be yours payment. Remember that all Social Security benefits must be filed, those who do not apply cannot receive them.

Seniors and people with disabilities will soon start receiving Social Security in the US this December
The elderly and the disabled will soon start receiving Social Security

The thing is, the December 1 check isn’t just for those receiving benefits before May 1997. It’s also for those on Supplemental Security Income and Social Security at the same time.

Therefore, this group of pensioners and people with disabilities will also receive their December 3 payment on December 1. But that won’t be the only good news for these beneficiaries.

Don’t forget that they will also get their Supplemental Security Income money on December 1st. This means that some pensioners and some disabled people will get 2 checks on the same day. SSI can pay up to $914, and pension checks cost an average of $1,848.

Wednesday payments for pensioners and disabled people

If you didn’t start receiving Social Security before May 1997, you’ll have to wait a little longer. In truth, there won’t be payments between December 3-9.

The thing is, you can’t get your money unless you meet birthday requirement. So some beneficiaries will have to wait until December 27 to receive their monthly checks.

If your birthday is from the 21st to the 31st, your payment will arrive on December 27th. If your date of birth is 11th to 20th, your money will reach your bank account on 20th December.

December 13th will be payday if your birthday is from the 1st to the 20th. Supplemental Security Income recipients will receive their payment for January on December 29 as the New Year is a public holiday. If you are 62 or have a disabilityapply for Social Security to receive money each month.

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