Government announces payment in less than 48 hours for millions of American retirees

Blue Monday can’t bring down America’s retirees. This is because they will be getting a new one soon payment with COLA boost if eligible. Besides getting extra cash for about 2 days, there are a few things you can do to cheer you up.

Needless to say, it’s freezing outside in many states. So to escape from Blue Monday the feeling that you can think about your next one payment and the things you can do with it.

Don’t forget to eat healthy, sleep at least 8 hours and exercise, even indoors. If the weather is not bad, it would be ideal to meet up with family or friends to get out of Blue Monday routine.


There is only one group of retirees who can receive these social security benefits January 17. The first requirement is related to the date you filed for Social Security.

Only older people who have applied for pension benefits can receive this payment, check if you qualify now

For example, if you filed before May 1997, you are not eligible payment. This is only for those who filed from May 1997 onwards. Also, your birthday must be on certain days.

The days your birthday must fall on to qualify are the 11th to the 20th. Therefore, if your date of birth falls on one of these days, you will be eligible on January 17 payment.

Don’t worry if you haven’t qualified for any of them payments in January. There’s one last chance to redeem yours money for about 9 days. That will be on January 24th, when Social Security will send the last January retirement check.


The Social Security Administration had scheduled SSDI (disability benefits) for the same day as well. Therefore, if you are on SSDI, you may receive your check on that day if you meet the above requirements.

As for the amounts for these pensions payments, will depend on your previous work and earnings history. The age you filed for retirement benefits can also affect your benefits.

The maximum amount one can receive is 4,873 dollars in 2024. This is only possible if you filed at age 70 and earned the taxable maximum over 35 years. Lower payments are possible when you file at 62. It can be up to $2,710 at 62.

At full retirement age, the maximum payment worth 3822 dollars. Average paychecks for retirees are worth it 1907 dollars in January 2024. So retirees will get about $59 extra per month after the 2024 COLA. SSDI checks could average about $1,537.

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