Food stamps may still arrive if you live in these states, SNAP payments of about $1,196 for some families

Christmas Christmas Eve and Christmas can be when some Americans get their period Food stamps. These payments can be worth up to $1,751 if your family size matches the I click rules.

Some families have not been able to get theirs Food stamps before this holiday. Since their paydays are during or after Christmas, they may have had to make a greater financial effort to buy all the necessary things for this special occasion in 2023.

Remember this to get Food stamps you must have a low income. Therefore, not everyone may qualify. And if your financial situation improves, you will no longer qualify.


According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Floridaand Texas still shipping Food stamps on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and until December 28.

Food stamps can still be mailed in Florida and Texas
Food stamps can still be mailed in Florida and Texas

For example, if you live in Floridayou need to know the 9th and 8th digits of your SNAP benefits case number. Then put them in the same order and see the number you get.

When the case number 9th and 8th digits are 82-85, you get yours Food stamps on Christmas Eve. Those 86-88 will receive their SNAP benefits on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023.

The next and three last days for payment in Florida will be December 26, 27 and 28. But only if yours I click case number 9th and 8th digits are 89-92, 93-95 and 96-99 respectively.


Food stamps it will be in your Lone star December 24 card if your eligibility group number ends in 28-31 or 82-85. December 25th will be your payday if it ends on 32-34 or 86-88.

Those whose EDG ends at 35-38 or 89-92 will receive Food stamps on December 26. Following the same pattern, December 27th will be for those with an EDG ending in 39-41, 46-49 or 93-95. The last payment will be on December 28th. Make sure your EDG ends at 42-45, 50-53 or 96-99.

As for the maximum quantities in Texas and Florida, they will be the same. If you are a family of 8, you can get up to $1,751. The average family of eight could get about $1,196, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

One person can get up to $291, an average of $202. Families of 4 can get up to $973, or an average of $713 Food stamps. Americans who are food insecure can apply SNAP benefits now. Inform someone you know about these monthly checks and help them get this money for food.

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