Food stamp paychecks coming soon

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and the Food and Nutrition Service are responsible for SNAP benefits. However, each state administers pay days and applications.

That's why some I click beneficiaries in the US have already collected theirs Food stamp payments in February. Others have not yet received them. If you live in Louisiana or Mississippi, here are the payment days.

For your info, SNAP maximum amounts are the same in the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. However, your amount will depend on the size of your family, your resources and your income.


The condition of Louisiana sends Food stamps from February 1st to 23rd. To arrange payments, they use the beneficiary's Social Security Number (SSN).

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If you are participating in a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefits in Louisiana and your social security number is 6, you will receive money on your Electronic Benefit Transfer Card on January 17th. If it ends in 7, you will receive it on January 19, 2024.

January 21 will be yours I click payday if your social security number ends in 8. The last food stamp recipients to receive their money Louisiana will be those whose SSN ends in 9. Their payday will be January 23rd.

As for the maximum I click amounts, they can be up to $291 for a single person and up to $1,751 for a family of 8. Average payments may be lower because they may have other income and food stamps cover only a portion of your food costs.


The state of Mississippi has 5 payments left for these citizens Food stamps. The next check will be on January 17th, but if your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program case number ends in 75-79.

Then January 18 will be for them I click beneficiaries in Mississippi whose case number ends in 80-84. If it's 85-89, your payday will be January 19th. After this payment, there will be another one on January 20th.

To get yours I click benefits on January 20 your case number must end in 90-94. Last day of payment for SNAP beneficiaries c Mississippi will be for those whose case number ends in 95-99.

The maximum amounts are the same as those for Louisiana. A family of four can get up to $973, and a family of five can collect a SNAP payment worth up to $1,155. On average, recipients could receive $713 for four and $852 for five requests, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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