Fibromyalgia Information

When searching for fibromyalgia information you will find several conflicting resources because most doctors fail to recognize the condition. More doctors accept fibromyalgia as a diagnoses but are also skeptical. Many people continue to suffer due to the lack of diagnosis in the health community. Fortunately several doctors do see fibromyalgia as a real condition and treat their patients accordingly.

The condition is usually diagnosed in women, however men can also be victims. There are several common symptoms that generally occur in most patients, one being aching all over the body. These sensitive areas are usually around the neck and shoulders as well as lower regions. Fatigue is often caused by disrupted sleep due to fibromyalgia pain.

With new break-throughs in medicine fibromyalgia treatment is an option. A mix of anti-depressants and analgesics successfully aliviate most fibromyalgia symptoms. Therapy usually involves a combination of counseling and physical therapy. Fibromyalgia relief can be achieved from some or all of the treatment listed.

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