Egg Donation Centers Information

The goal of the Egg Donation Centers is to help couples who are dealing with infertility or health issues which have prevented them from having their own child. Donors are the lifelines for the Egg Donation Centers Information and help couples struggling to conceive.

For donors who have questions about the process involved, contact the a local egg donation center to learn about the test procedures for qualifying. In some cases, the donors are allowed to meet the receiving couples who may be a match.

The meetings allow the couples an opportunity to get to know the donor and show their appreciation. The donor needs to understand that this help is a monitored process with specific information and procedures that need to followed. Egg Donation Centers Information makes every attempt to put all parties at ease through the entire process.

How To Find A Donor

As an egg donor, several medical tests are required, including physical examinations and psychological evaluations. The examinations and evaluations are to confirmation that the egg donor is mentally, emotionally, and physically capable of going through the process. Family histories are reviewed to ensure that hereditary health conditions won’t affect the baby. As an egg donor, your rights and responsibilities are discussed so you’ll have a full understanding of the donation process.

The physical examination includes a pelvic exam and blood is drawn to verify hormone levels. A further test, such as an ultrasound, is done to review the egg donor ovaries and pelvic organs. If the tests reveal health problems, the egg donor may not be considered unless the health concerns can be treated.

Qualified donor records are kept on file, often with photos. The photos may be reviewed by the couples looking for a match so they can find a donor with similar physical characteristics or ethnic background. Once a match is identified, the egg donor must give their consent to the process to be scheduled.

How To Get The Eggs

Egg donation process of implanting the eggs involves vitro fertilization. The donor will go through a series of medical tests with prescribed medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. The process of egg donation usually takes about 12 days, that’s how long it takes the ovaries to produce eggs.

During the 12 days, the donor is monitored to make sure the egg donation process is working properly and the dosage of medications are adjusted as needed to obtain the egg donation.

If everything goes well, the donor is scheduled to have the eggs removed using a minor surgical procedure. The donor is sedated and semi-conscious during the egg donation removal procedure.

About one hour after the donor awakes, they are released. If the eggs are good, they’re then used to impregnate the matching woman. After this step, the donor is done! The matched woman will now carry the child to term.

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