Discover 10 Amazing Online Yoga Classes for Seniors!

The world of yoga is at your fingertips with these incredible online platforms. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, these virtual classes offer a convenient way to practice yoga from the comfort of your own home. Here are 10 amazing online yoga classes that cater to seniors:

1. Yoga Anytime Explore a vast library of yoga classes, grouped by themed “shows” that cater to your specific needs. With options like “The Happy Back Show” and “Yoga for Trauma Show,” you’ll find sequential episodes that guide you through yoga flows. Choose from a 30-day yoga challenge or a 6-week beginner yoga course for only $18 per month.

2. Gaia Deepen your yoga practice with Gaia’s video series, documentaries, and on-demand yoga classes. Subscribing to Gaia allows you to learn the theory behind different forms of yoga while following along with experienced yogi Rodney Yee for just $11.99 a month.

3. Heal Haus Join the vibrant community of Heal Haus for $30 a month and enjoy a variety of online classes, meditations, sound healing sessions, and workshops. Led by BIPOC instructors, Heal Haus offers open-level vinyasa classes and restorative yoga to cater to your body’s needs.

4. The Underbelly Experience self-acceptance and breath reconnection with Jessamyn Stanley’s The Underbelly app. Access three tracks of classes, including “Air” (breath to movement), “Earth” (posture grounding), and “Fire” (flow heat creation), for only $9.99 a month.

5. GLO Dive into the world of yoga with GLO’s 16 styles, ranging from beginner vinyasa to kundalini. You can even practice with friends through partner classes and join live sessions to capture the studio atmosphere. Enjoy unlimited access for $24 a month or $245 annually.

6. Daily Burn Test the waters with Daily Burn’s 30-day free trial and explore 30 different categories of fitness, health, and nutrition classes. For just $10 a month, personalize your practice with tailored classes and questionnaires.

7. DoYogaWithMe Elevate your yoga practice with DoYogaWithMe’s “Peak Poses” section, perfect for mastering challenging poses like the wheel, flying pigeon, and headstand. Benefit from a 2-month trial followed by $10 a month access to a variety of beginner to advanced classes.

8. YogaWorks At Home Cultivate an effective home practice with YogaWorks At Home’s mix of on-demand and live classes. For $49 a month, enjoy 30+ live classes daily, or opt for more budget-friendly on-demand videos at $19 per month.

9. Yoga International Experience diversity in yoga with over 500 teachers of various backgrounds at Yoga International. For $20 a month, access courses, podcasts, and content that goes beyond the traditional, unlocking your full yoga potential.

10. Peloton Known for bike and treadmill classes, Peloton’s yoga program offers a variety of classes at your fingertips. From Yoga Basics to soothing meditations, access all features for $12.99 for the first three months and subsequent months.

Embark on a journey of wellness and self-discovery with these exceptional online yoga classes tailored to seniors. Find the one that resonates with you and experience the benefits of yoga from the comfort of your home.

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