Disability benefits worth up to $3,822 are on the way for this group of beneficiaries

SSDI payments are only for those who have a qualifying disability. Not all disabilities can provide you with these monthly checks. If yours impairment doesn't meet Social Security's strict definition of disability, you won't be eligible.

What more, SSDI is only for workers who have or had a job covered by social security. Not paying enough taxes is one reason many Americans can't get those monthly payments.

SSDI may not be enough for some beneficiaries. This is very common if you had a low salary or only worked for a few years. Let's take a look at February salaries and the possible amounts.


If you have been on Social Security Disability for many years, you may qualify for subsequent payments. In truth, the next check will only be for those beneficiaries who received payments before May 1997.

SSDI payments are due on February 2, a day early, and in some cases the checks are worth a lot of money

Although this SSDI the inspection was supposed to be scheduled for February 3rd, it will be due the previous business day. That's because Social Security never sends out payments on the weekend.

It is not possible to obtain SSDI or other social security benefits on leave. So the recipients will get their money in advance. This is especially good if you have a loan, mortgage or installment to pay.

The next one SSDI checks will be due on February 14th, 21st and 28th. However, these are only for those who received benefits from May 1997 onwards, not before. Social Security will arrange payments based on your date of birth. Birthdays from 1-10, 11-20 and 21-31 respectively.


After the 2024 COLA increase SSDI payments have risen by 3.2%. Therefore, the maximum amounts will remain the same until December 31. The most you can get on February 2nd is $3,822 if you are on this disability benefit.

However, this large payment is only for workers who had high earnings and filed SSDI late. If you haven't worked for 35 years and earned the taxable maximum during that time, you're not eligible.

Average payouts may be more realistic. For example, as of December 2023, the average check was $1,449. In 2024, the average SSI the check is worth $1,537 in the United States.

Note that your SSDI it may be too low. If so, you may be eligible for SSI. SSI can give you up to $943 if you're single or up to $1,415 if you're married. The next payment of SSI, another disability benefit, is due on February 1.

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